Adventure Responsibly

نحن قادة رحلات المغامرة من طاقم قادة نادي صحارى سفاري ومساعديهم

لضمان ألا نؤذى من نحب وألا ندمر ما يعجبنا ونحب الترحال اليه

ولضمان اننا نتعلم من تجاربنا لاستدامة هذه الرياضة

فإننا نعاهد الله وأنفسنا وبعضنا البعض وكل المشاركين الآمنين معنا والأهالى الذين نزورهم

سواء فى مصر وخارج مصر وفى أى مكان من الأرض

أنه فى كل رحلة وعرة أو على الطرق ، سواء نقودها أولا نقودها

سوف نراعى ما أمكننا ونُعلِم قائدى السيارات من حولنا ونحثهم على مراعاة مبادئ هذا الميثاق بالترتيب الآتى:-

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Important notes (depending on place and time)

  1. Ladies are highly encouraged to attend. We'll be doing our best to accommodate all their needs but to be strict in course and evaluation.
  2. Ladies and anyone under 24 is eligible for a huge discount. If they proven good in skills and loyalty to sports ethics they may have a chance to join the SaharaSafaris Crew as assistants in the future :)
  3. Lectures module have separate fees. Check fees and location in event announcement.
  4. Full fees of Practical module is announced on event (with any special discounts whenever applicable)

What differentiates this course in Egypt from other 4x4 courses in Mideast

This is a dunes-focused, advanced yet open for absolute beginners, and extremely practical (nearly 45 hours in the field) but theory-packed (9 hours crash lectures) organic course (extremely localized for Sahara and available 4x4s locally. Besides, this course is now very popular among young students and ladies 4x4ers willing to take the adventure safely and with skills.

About this 4x4 Course

We have several formats for the course to customize for several needs.

The Current Format

The course is called "SSC Advanced 4x4 Dunes Offroading Course" and it is designed to fit in 2 modules all taught in one package:

About history of 4x4 training in SSC

In the Club, every trip is a type of training for 4x4 offroading which brings enormous new experiences under the experienced leadership and skills of the Crew Leaders. But the Club has started early in the century a special course dedicated to bring many existing and new 4x4ers to safe levels of high-risk experience and skills to handle even more advanced trips.

Why 4x4 offroading needs a course

Many in the mid-east may criticize outdoors sports, but they're the closes thing to appreciate any country by roaming its terrain and loving what it offers and understand the risks of the forefathers who have ventured through its travel.

Outdoor adventures are character building sports. They are respected everywhere in the world and protected and secured to enable its participants including Egypt and other middle-east countries.

SSC Pix Competition 2018

Are you a 4x4er or know 4x4ers who wants to learn dunes bashing the right way? This maybe interesting for you.

بالعربي ومن الآخر ، لو صورتك بتعليقك من سفاري عملت أعلا لايكات على جروبنا في الفيسبوك بالهاشتاج الصح ، حتكسب كورس متقدم لل4×4 ببلاش وقيمته 4000 جنيه

كل التفاصيل ولينك الجروب وشروط التقديم ومعاد قفل المسابقة مكتوب بالتفصيل الممل على صفحتنا هنا

Adventure Picture/Video Competition 2018

Post one of your best adventure picture/video on our Facebook group and win a full advanced 4x4 course worth egp4000.

What's To Win

Course participation that is egp4000 worth in the most famous advanced dunes 4x4 course in Egypt (for beginners and venterans) with 100s of alumnis in all sorts of 4x4 hobbies that started back in 2006.

Notes and Conditions

  • The award is transferable so you can win it and another friend who owns a serious 4x4 can use it.
  • The course is outside Cairo from Fri 4 to 7 Jan (payment of your lodge (est. at egp850 per person), lecture day (egp100) and gas is not included in the award of this competition. only the course fees of egp4000 will be won)
  • Owning 4x4 and being a licensed driver is all you need to do to attend the course.
  • See Full Course page here:
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