Offroading 4x4 Training in Egypt

This is a complete package of 4x4 training enabling absolute beginners to jumpstart their 4x4ing career by a giant step. It's made of 3 courses (or modules) and it covers huge materials and skills not taught anywhere else including science of dunes (to better read the field from a glance), the dynamics of dunes driving (to apply the knowledge of dunes science), 4x4 detailed anatomy, desert code and ethics and a lot more. More modules will be added in the future as the followers grow to cover 4x4 Leadership and 4x4 modifications design.

The courses are conducted from October and April every year (the offroading season in Egypt) since 2010 and 13 batches have already graduated (as of summer 2016) filling every niche in the Offroading community from Club's Crew of Leaders to Rally drivers, etc.

In the Club, every trip is a type of training for 4x4 offroading which brings enormous new experiences under the experienced leadership and skills of the Crew Leaders. But the Club has started in 2010 a special course dedicated to bring many existing and new 4x4ers to safe levels of experience and skills to handle even more advanced trips.

The course is called "SSC 4x4 Offroading Course" and it is designed to fit in 3 modules (each is a separate course):

  1. 4x4 & Dunes Knowledge Lectures Day (Step 1): Single day (but started it in 3 nights of weekdays to make its modularity easy) on The Roof of SaharaSafaris Club (Club's Community Center).
  2. Survival Recovery and Re-learning of your 4x4 Controls (Step 2) (Practical Dunes Full Weekend in Ghoroud Samuel)
  3. Mastering the Dunes and Learning Your Limits (Step3) (Practical Dunes Full Weekend in Ghoroud Samuel)

This is a dunes-focused, advanced yet open for absolute beginners, and extremely practical (45 serious hours in field) but theory-packed (9 hours crash lectures) organic course (extremely localized for Sahara and available 4x4s locally. Besides, this course is now very popular among young students and ladies 4x4ers willing to take the adventure safely and with skills.

كورس قيادة الوعر المتخصص فى الصحراء المصرية لسيارات ال4×4 وخصوصا فيادة الغرود من خلال حوالى 8 ساعات نظرى و45 تدريب جاد جدا فى وسط منطقة متقدمة من "غرود صمويل". وبالرغم من المستوى المتقدم جدا الذى يصلح لمن قاد فى وعر الصحراء من قبل الا أنه يقبل ومصمم للمبتدئين من الصفر أيضا وذلك بسبب المعلومات الغزيرة التى تنقص من الكثيرين بل وخطأ بعض الممارسات الشائعة. هذا الكورس اصبح شهيرا فى أوساط الطلبة وأيضا السيدات قائدى ال4×4 الراغبين فى مغامرة قيادة الوعر الصحراوى بأمان ومهارة.


Although every course is announced separately and administered separately, but for any STEP, it's OBLIGATORY to attend the one before it.


Only during winter season or starting in October and before end of April. Reservation are done strictly on Event's Registration Forms (links will be on the event). For full list of current events of SaharaSafaris Club, go to our Facebook Page's Events list.

For reservations, send (WHATSAPP only) to +201111254411 :

  1. Course Name (and STEP) and Date you intend to participate to differentiate from others (see our Facebook events link above)
  2. Your Name
  3. Your Mobile
  4. OPTIONALLY, Your SSC-ID from your Logbook. If you don't have SSC-ID already please fill this Form immediately to receive one
  5. OPTIONALLY, When did you attend previous Stesps (if any)

At times, there are too many in waiting list so please be patient.


4x4 and Dunes Knowledge Lectures Day (Step 1)

Lecture day in a room in Cairo crashed in 8 hours with enormous material touching on everything including dunes science, 4x4 anatomy and how and why to modify, navigation, ethics, gharz recovery techniques, types of 4x4s, why safety rules, 4x4 sports including local one, etc etc.

This Lecture you pay NO FEES (but you pay to cover room rental around egp50 per person).

It's open for any curious one and for all ages. No printed handout but 90% of material is on our website

Survival Recovery and Re-learning of your 4x4 Controls (Step 2)

Practical instruction in Ghoroud Samuel (participants bring their own 4x4s) up to Level 1 which enables you to many trips in dunes (dependent on your final evaluation with Instructor).

Whole weekend with sleep over in Fayoum (Ecolodges with toilets and all payment excluded from fees). Instruction fees are per 4x4er who are encouraged to bring passengers to help along (no shared driving nor distraction). You pay for your lodging and food.

Passing Step 1 and bringing your own 'approved' 4x4 for the course is obligatory.

Mastering the Dunes and Learning Your Limits (Step 3)

Very advanced level practical instruction weekend.

Passing Step 2 and bringing same 4x4 is obligatory. Fees are same as Step 2.


We are currently giving a very short version of the course theory (only 3 hours) for all your family and friends and curuious ones who maybe interested. It's a good version for your School, University, or Club too. It's done by the same instructor of the Professional full course of SaharaSafaris club so although very simplified, it's highly accurate and engaging from real trips pictures and tools.

See our Facebook Page's Events to see if there's one soon titled (تبسيط علم ال4×4).


  1. Ladies are highly encouraged to attend. We'll be doing our best to accommodate all their needs but to be strict in course and evaluation. This season they pay half fees only for the practical weekends.
  2. Anyone under 24 (by ID) is eligible this season for 66% off of fees. If they proven good in skills and loyalty to sports ethics they may have a chance to join the SaharaSafaris Crew as assistants in the future :) Full fees are egp1500 per 4x4er for each Weekends of Step 2 and Step 3
  3. This course is designed to jumpstart you gaining experience and NOT to replace experience. Dunes crossing is dangerous enough and we help you deal with it and know the risks involved in the sport generally anywhere in the world.
  4. Reservation of every Step is separate and will be announced in separate events. Try to finish them all in sequence quickly.
  5. All 'GOING' on this FB event is not reservations. Please follow reservations as above.
  6. This event (for fb reasons) is closed to members of the group only. Please invite them to both the SaharaSafaris Club group and to the event to see it.