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How to drive onroad in Egypt for 4x4 Caravans

Driving for any trip in Egypt has to go through the hassle of Egyptian roads. From our records, it seems that most of our Safaris have higher risks driving on-road than off-road. This article is intended for those who are driving their 4x4s in a caravan/train/convoy of any sort on roads but will be very useful for any others as well.

Parking on Edges of Highways

It's not safe to park on the right side of road outside lates because some of the fastest cars sometimes choose this lane to pass others in desperate situations.

How to use Satellite-Phones in Egypt

Satellite phones operators have their network works through satellites and not masts on buildings like other GSM mobile operators. This enables them to work internationally and in oceans (and deserts!) with the same handset for their users.

Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium are examples of such operators but we depend on Al-Thuraya in the middle-east, and therefore the rest of this article is heavily explaining it.



How to buy from web in Egypt

Buying web items in Egypt is becoming easier now with many affordable shipment options. This article discusses (and as usual allows updates) the shipment methods and costs of Customs, Sales Tax and the possible review by authorities for medicine, food, and publications.

How does it work?

In most cases you find something you like to buy on a trusted website (eg, and think of ordering with your Credit Card.

Dakhla Oasis

Al Qasr Old City

How to Buy Maps of Egypt

There are many sources for maps in Egypt but for the most serious they're not easy to obtain. Many travellers are just happy with streets maps, but for the more serious, it's imperative to get a series of updated maps in good scale. Google Earth is not enough, so many alternatives are placed here and as is the case with all articles here receives updates from the SaharaSafaris Community.

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