Offroading 4x4 Training in Egypt

This is a complete package of 4x4 training enabling absolute beginners to jumpstart their 4x4 offroading practice in the middle-east by a giant step.

It's made of 2 modules: Lectures and Practical in desert and it covers huge materials and skills not taught anywhere else including science of dunes (to better read the field from a glance), the dynamics of dunes driving (to apply the knowledge of dunes science), 4x4 detailed anatomy, desert code and ethics and a lot more.

And we keep expanding on the subject whenever something new hits the desert.

Table of Contents 

Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.

Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.

UPCOMING SCHEDULE جدول مواعيد الكورسات القادمة


Dates Module Hours Location Link for Details
Mon &Wed, 25 &27 Feb, 2019 Lectures 6-10p Tagamoa Click HERE for details
Mon-Tue, 4-5 Mar, 2019 Lectures 6-10pm Tagamoa

Click Here for Details

Mon-Tue, 11-12 Mar, 2019 Lectures 6 to 10pm Tagamoa Click HERE for details of this course
Thu-Sat, 14-16 Mar, 2019 Practical Leaving Wed night Fayoum Click HERE for details
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Few practical ones:

  1. own your 4x4
  2. attend the full Lectures module.


Reservation are done strictly on Registration Forms (link below). Anything else will remove you from priority and main list of registrants.

Registration Form

What do you need to bring in your 4x4 to course

The Practical module in desert requires some preparations. Although we're bringing a lot of what's needed, it's good practice that you start go shopping for those items ASAP and bring them to the desert with you during this module.

Required to bring in your 4x4

  1. Your 4x4. properly maintained and fully functional
  2. Carpet 2x3m (any smaller will not work for this course or any safari) We sit on the clearn sand or beaches of desert lakes on this. Get one and leave always in your 4x4
  3. One jerrican of gasoline (ask on the group for those who will register on how to get and fill one). Not necessary but usef for emergencies
  4. Walky talky: safe standard permissible ones available in market for offroaders. Ask on our Facebook Group for used or new ones if you don't have one. GET BATTERIES or rechargers. We are on it all day and night.
  5. Sleeping bag: some prefer to sleep in stone-rooms of Zowara Ecolodge (if cold) in own sleeping bag. Certainly necessary in tent. Ask about best ones for Egyptian winters in desert on our Facebook Group.
  6. Note book and pen. You'll be asked to record things for your own 4x4 to use in your Career from now on. Use it whenever asked.
  7. During the rides of the course, everything in the back must be well tied to car floor or separated from rest of the Cabin not to hurt people if car jumps harshly.

Optional to bring

  1. GPS ( for Android is best so far. Any GPS could be useful for you). You will not be instructed on it (different course we used to give 15 years ago and may bring soon again).
  2. Your Logbook (ask Crew for one) useful to maintain every ride you have in the desert from now on.
  3. GoPro or normal Cameras. We allow it all the time but we don't wait for it.
  4. Snacks for the roads. Although we have takeaway lunches but your own snacks is nice suprirse for you and your colleagues there.

Why 4x4 offroading needs a course

Many in the mid-east may criticize outdoors sports, but they're the closes thing to appreciate any country by roaming its terrain and loving what it offers and understand the risks of the forefathers who have ventured through its travel.

Outdoor adventures are character building sports. They are respected everywhere in the world and protected and secured to enable its participants including Egypt and other middle-east countries.

Even more wonder why a Course for 4x4 offroading (we use 4x4ing to differentiate from motorbike offroading). Answer could be summarized here:

  1. Middle-east natives are disconnected from their own forefathers past legacy of travelling so much it is lost and needs to be understood in form of lectures.
  2. Much of the knowledge of recent sciences also needs lectures
  3. Following a well organized trip for some is not enough. Now they can attend this course to understand most of whatever they wandered about and build a career for themselves.

About this 4x4 Course


We have several formats for the course to customize for several needs.

The Current Format

The course is called "SSC Advanced 4x4 Dunes Offroading Course" and it is designed to fit in 2 modules all taught in one package:

  1. Module 1 -- Lectures: 9 hours with hundreds of slides, videos and concepts. If some think they can attend Module 2 practical in desert without attending Lectures (module 1), they will not understand most of the instructions nor the technical explanations of techniques of their training. Therefore, it is obligatory now. Lectures maybe offered in a single full day or over several weekdays evenings. You can learn here even if you still haven't bought your first 4x4 (well, you need to know before you buy). It's open for any curious one and for all ages. No printed handout but 90% of material is on our website
  2. Module 2 -- Practical in desert: 3 days of about 40 hours of training in your own 4x4 in Ghoroud Samuel lodged in Zowara Ecolodge (toilets and 3 meals and some stone-rooms in addition to camping) just outside the dunes-field. Instruction fees are per 4x4er who are encouraged to bring passengers to help along (no shared driving nor distraction). You pay for your lodging and food.

The Families Format

Only 3 hours course, with or without an actual 4x4 Safari.

Sometimes, we are giving a very short version of the course theory (only 3 hours) for all your family and friends and curious ones who maybe interested. It's a good version for your School, University, or Club too. It's done by the same instructor of the Professional full course of SaharaSafaris club so although very simplified, it's highly accurate and engaging from real trips pictures and tools.

Customized Courses for Groups

We may provide customized schedules and formats for groups in Clubs and individuals of 7 or more.Send SSC Admins at (whatsapp only on +201111254411) with details of experience, types or 4x4s, where did you hear about the course, etc. and we will get back to you.

A Flyer

An old flyer for this as project for the non-Commercial SaharaSafaris Club could be found here:

About history of 4x4 training in SSC

In the Club, every trip is a type of training for 4x4 offroading which brings enormous new experiences under the experienced leadership and skills of the Crew Leaders. But the Club has started early in the century a special course dedicated to bring many existing and new 4x4ers to safe levels of high-risk experience and skills to handle even more advanced trips.

Caption: Always great bonding experiences for even family to join their mothers or fathers participating in the course.

Caption: Always great bonding experiences for even family to join their mothers or fathers participating in the course.

Look, it is a dangerous sport, and through the years we know some who were hurt because of unsafe practices, so whatever anyone tells you that it's easy and safe, we tell you (from first-hand experience) that it has very high risks in some instances. We always attempt to know and be updated of all risks involved and consider them in our plans including cancellation of some events in some spots.

So a prime objective of this course is Safety. Then we take you to the sky to fly on the dunes with us and open the world of extreme dunes-bashing 4x4 offroading to you to join any group with enough skills and knowledge to enjoy and protect yourself. (Hint: that's why some veterans insist to join the course and we got extremely high satisfaction of theirs now they know what they were doing blindly, how to enhance it further, how to acquire more, what to research further, and where to go for extreme (as well as safe) practicing.

What differentiates this course in Egypt from other 4x4 courses in Mideast

This is a dunes-focused, advanced yet open for absolute beginners, and extremely practical (nearly 45 hours in the field) but theory-packed (9 hours crash lectures) organic course (extremely localized for Sahara and available 4x4s locally. Besides, this course is now very popular among young students and ladies 4x4ers willing to take the adventure safely and with skills.

كورس قيادة الوعر المتخصص فى الصحراء العربية لسيارات ال4×4 وخصوصا فيادة الغرود من خلال حوالى 9 ساعات نظرى و45 تدريب جاد جدا فى وسط منطقة متقدمة من "غرود صمويل". وبالرغم من المستوى المتقدم جدا الذى يصلح لمن قاد فى وعر الصحراء من قبل الا أنه يقبل ومصمم للمبتدئين من الصفر أيضا وذلك بسبب المعلومات الغزيرة التى تنقص من الكثيرين بل وخطأ بعض الممارسات الشائعة. هذا الكورس اصبح شهيرا فى أوساط الطلبة وأيضا السيدات قائدى ال4×4 الراغبين فى مغامرة قيادة الوعر الصحراوى بأمان ومهارة.

Caption: Can Terios cars (and other AWD) join the course? Well, the lady owning this one was taking risk and the great effort to compete with more serious 4x4s, and we obliged. She impressed others. 

Caption: Can Terios cars (and other AWD) join the course? Well, the lady owning this one was taking risk and the great effort to compete with more serious 4x4s, and we obliged. She impressed others.

Important notes (depending on place and time)

  1. Ladies are highly encouraged to attend. We'll be doing our best to accommodate all their needs but to be strict in course and evaluation.
  2. Ladies and anyone under 24 is eligible for a huge discount. If they proven good in skills and loyalty to sports ethics they may have a chance to join the SaharaSafaris Crew as assistants in the future :)
  3. Lectures module have separate fees. Check fees and location in event announcement.
  4. Full fees of Practical module is announced on event (with any special discounts whenever applicable)
  5. This course is designed to jumpstart you gaining experience and NOT to replace experience. Dunes crossing is dangerous enough and we help you deal with it and know the risks involved in the sport generally anywhere in the world.