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Astronomical Coordinates

This article is requiring no knowledge on Astronomy. It introduces, however, one of the most complicated concepts in astronomy: Astronomical Coordinates. It's then followed by some Glossary for terms including the words in original Arabic from which the English terms stemed and then a final 'test' piece in archaic Arabic by Ibn Khaldoun.
Now, many of those starting to learn Astronomy have a problem understading the difference between Equatorial Coordinates (Right-Ascention and Declination angles) and Horizontal Coordinates (Azimuth and Altitude angles). Here is some help.

Astronomy Glossary

This Glossary deals mostly with Arabic Terms that have been adopted by Medieval European scholars and given European names as below. The discussion of the history of changes in Arabic terms is included whenever needed.

علم الهيئة/علم هيئة الفلك/علم الفلك
Science of Astronomy

"3elm Al-Hay2a" is the Arabic name used by Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and the other leading Muslim scholars of the medievals. It means "Science of the Appearance of the Celestial Sphere". The modern form of this Arabic name is (Al-Falak الفلك) or the "Science of Celestial Sphere".
Astronomy Glossary Cover

Astronomy Orientation

Short notice, but hope some will still be able to attend. It's limited --as usual-- to 5 participants.

Please email me offlist for reservations.

Location: Harood's Cafe, 19 elKoroom St, Mohandesin.

Orientation: Basics of Astronomy

Basics of Astronomy. Participants should leave with ability to evaluate the astronomy as a serious hobby. It's for total beginners and uses no fieldtrips (although some could be arranged separately).

Location: Harood's Cafe
19 ElKoroom Street, Mohandessin.

I can only take 5 participants, and it will be on first-come-first-served basis. Reservation is strictly on email and I will confirm attendance as soon as I have number completed.

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