Moods and Dynamics of SaharaSafaris Community

Once you join the SSC Forum and the bug of this large Community of Safarists catches you, you might start searching for the others everywhere you go. It is much fun when you start using one of the terms below when you start talking with one another:

Forum Learners

those who read most emails and learning about everything but think they've nothing to add or too busy to try, or too shy to get exposed to all those members on Forum. They're silent but absorbing everything and rarely respond to anything on Forum. They feel the impact on their lives from SaharaSafaris and sometimes talk off-list to senders. They're the majority of SaharaSafaris and many of them are active in all events.

Loyal Subscribers

those who are too busy to read their SS email but feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the community that they cannot unsubscribe. They get news about trips/events from friends over the phone and appear every now and then. Some of them when they return they say they do because they couldn't resist joining a specific event.

Active Outsiders

there are thousands of those who joined and keep joining events, but don't think they need to subscribe the SaharaSafaris Forum. Some of them even help organizing events, but still don't need the subscription. They belong to the community, but are not getting information from Forum directly.

Social Arubas

(Aruba in Egyptian means one who do much with little and socially smart) those are people-oriented people who are in it for interesting people and the social side of the experience. Some of them are hooked eventually to other hobbies that not necessarily socially impressive ;) They are the ones that make this community more appealing. They specially love the moments around fire or long walks and long 4x4 safaris where they can feel the warmth of the close group for several days non-stop.

Intellectual Leaders

they have passions in history (Cairo's urban history, etc), culture (moulids, etc), architecture, environmental economics, anthropolgy (myths, etc) developmental challenges, logistics, or wildlife forms and behaviour that they like to share with all on SS Forum. They write every now and then sometimes in a series of messages or upload files on the homepage. When in a SS Social Gathering or safari, they find some Forum Learners recognizing them by the name and who share their passion. This is when, those Intellectual Leaders feel most happy and most appreciated by such recognition and obvious interest. A most intellectual discussions then arise during those events to the pleasure of the heart of those guys that they go back and throw more into the Forum for all of us to learn. I have noticed that Intellectual Leaders start writing suddenly any time they feel full of emotions and ideas that they'd like to share. They are the ones that widen our horizons and deepen our pleasures of the activities we have. :)

Forum Helpers

never mind their long periods of silence. They're there for those who ask questions on the Forum that falls in the field of their interest. No-nonsense people, they sometimes throw in the most essential of info needed and ask to call them if you need more. Some of the info they throw in to the SS Forum could have taken them days to find for you. Some of the Helpers actually get interested in some questions that they search the web in curiousity and post the answer for all to see. Also there are the experts/ professionals who find it easy to answer and enjoy giving from their insight of the field.


(couldn't find better Egyptian English word :) they're ideas-oriented people who don't have time or shy to push for something, but they think it's a good idea anyways and they suggest it in the right time for the right people. Suggestors are normally extremely smart as some here knows. They're building their suggestions on convicing facts and extreme suitability of the idea to the current people and climate and moods. In fact, many of the Leaders of SaharaSafaris are influenced by those smart Suggestors.

Hyper Safarists

they copy everything they find announced on SS Forum to their calendar with as much cool activity of SaharaSafaris as possible. These are famous safarists and known faces. With all the time-management to balance between my family, friends, business and SS, I envy them for their time and enthusiasm. :)

Safaris Leaders

They're unique in their abilities and credibility. They win people by their smiling faces and how they serve others needs. Their abilities allow people to trust them so when they suggest something to the group, it follows in confidence and unity. Maybe it's their elegant taste, sensitivity for needs, or fatherly/motherly care, that makes others see why they're trustworthy. When a leader organize a trip, they don't have to be the most knowledgeable about the place in the group. When a smart SUGGESTOR feels like going to a place, they pick the right leader for this. Leader does the rest without much effort within the established culture and cost-sharing policies of SS. Leaders are one of the important commodities in SS community if not the most important. They should be always appreciated and helped by knowledge of all others. Sometimes too busy, you might think the Leader is arrogant, but Leaders can never get away with arrogance or would lose their credibility. :)


not just LEADERS but horizon-pursuers; their souls never wonders about what's beyond. Since there's no Columbus here, I presume SS Explorers don't do it for money, but just for the deep excitement it brings them. They're very ambitious and would rank high in their businesses/jobs in spite of what you might think. Some of them take people because they don't want to be alone, but they won't if they can, so you better be their friend. :) They're generous with everything they got once you're in the circle of their lives. Sometimes even with complete GPS waypoints of the places they know, probably because they have so much more. Explorers are not necessarily SAFARIS LEADERS so be sure to take care of your own needs. Explorers come in different flavors and you'll never pin them down under a clear definition of job or class or marital status. When they're sitting on maps too much and starting to gather info from web about something, prepare your hiking shoes and sleeping bag and offer help in logistics, coz you're off to something exciting. EXPLORERS are not competitive towards highest or fastest, but they're normally ranked as the best in their hobbies and jobs. Their lifestyle (if you like them) is probably most exciting for a lifetime, even if it seems different.

Resource Safarists

they're some kind of the Forum Helpers but instead of written information they rather help with thier knowledge in the field in a safari. They lend a hand if they don't have any other skill, but mostly their knowledge and skills from their professional life or serious hobbies makes them important contributors to discussions or preparations of a trip. They're hobbyists who need people to lead the way and they'll follow and Boy, do they make a difference! :)


they're not necessarily acting like other safarists or even safarists at all, but who've inspired safarists more than they themselves can tell. By just being the living example of some deep knowledge they shared with us, lifestyle, or even just calmness and wisdom during our talk with them. They're not necessarily into the logistics of safaris, or its skills, but they are most remembered when we reach a certain climax when we're watching an awe-inspiring view or seeing the sun born at the horizon as God's greatest gift, or even watching the most simple addition of a native artist to their architecutre. Those people are so inspirational that they don't even know it. :)


Now the list is 12: Forum Learners, Loyal Subscribers, Active Outsiders, Social Arubas, Intellectual Leaders, Forum Helpers, Suggestors, Hyper-Safarists, Safaris Leaders, Explorers, Resources Safarists, and Inspirational.

These are just the Moods that I have seen have impacted SaharaSafaris the most. One moves freely from one to another or assumes several of them simultaneously but they do appear.