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Many Thanks Hatoon
I shall certinley forward these locations to my friend. Your absolutley
right on the sensitivty of such work, particulalry when it pertains to
border identities. I have spoken to masawi we met again at the Emegering
role of GCC Women conference, which between you and me was a realtivley poor
conference with the exception of 2 papers by Maha Azzam and Fawziah Abu Bakr
who unfortunaltey faced some unsavoury questions from some of the male
particpatants, probably insitgated by the offical sponsors organising the
BTW Madawi has just recently edited a book entitled 'Counter narratives:
History, Contemporary Society, and Politics in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
I have the book on order and just hope it arrives before my deadline :)

Thanks for the advice I will attemp to get the book from Al saqi...

All the Best


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From: "Hatoon AL FASSI"
Subject: Re: [Mideast-Man] Egypt-Jordan -Saudi
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:43:29 +0300

Dear Najla,

Good luck with your research, quiet sensitive I believe. About the subject I
have a book in Arabic written by Fattouh alkhatrash: History of the Saudi
Yemeni Relations, published by Dhat al Salasel, 1983. It might help.

In London you can always ask the experties of Dr Madawi al Rasheed, King's
College, she is an expert in the Saudi social and political structure. She
is a guest in our group and hope she will participate soon.

About Jordan, it is idifficult to pin down one place. The whole country is
an open museum. For Nabataean history, other Than Petra she can visit al
Baida, Wadi Ramm, Khirbet al Dhureih, Nebu Mountain (Prophet Moses). For
Roman history there is Jarash and Amman, for Chritian-Byzantine history
there is Madaba with its magnifisent mosaics. For Islamic history there are
the desert palaces, al Mashta palace. There are many other small sites or
sites date to prehistoric times that might be difficult to enjoy if you are
not an expert since there are no large monuments.

I hope this was helpful.


Thanks for the open invitation to our members. It will be a chance for those
who wish to try something different.

Latest good news in Saudi Arabia. The bylaws of the municipal elections has
just been announced yesterday. It does not exempt women from participating
in standing or voting. The text, luckilly, was very neutral. We have high
hopes of a real women participation in this new democratic step in our

Salam all,


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From: N AT
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 8:28 PM
Subject: RE: [Mideast-Man] re-Egypt

Dearest Hatoon,

Many thanks for setting this up and inviting me to join, Mohamed your
sounds fascinating as of myself well, a former Amnesty employee,
completing some research on saudi -yemeni relations and conflict.
I wonder if anyone can help, given my limited exposure to travels in the
Middle East, I have a Japanese freind travelling to Amman next month, to
work on a UN funded project -probably someting as ubiquotious as
exchange/dialogue - any ideas of what sort of schedule we can draw up for
other than the obvious, namely Petra.


ps Hatoon would be possible to make the archieves available for members
is it too illustrious ;)

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From: "Hatoon AL FASSI"
Subject: [Mideast-Man] re-Egypt
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 18:12:33 +0300

Dear Murteza,

I'm happy to hear from you, hope that Mahsheed is well too and will
us also with her news soon.

Mhmd's email:
I am sure he will be very helpful.

For those who don't know Murteza, he is a Historian on the Iranian modern
history and teaches in Isfahan university.

Salam all,


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From: "Morteza Nouraei"
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: [Mideast-Man] Egypt

> Dear Hatton
> Many thanks to your efforts. I'm very delighted to
> see you are still able to run such a work. I would
> like say my best to you and other friends. We also
> welcome any body decided to come Iran.
> By the way one of my student would like to work on
> the Egyptian historiography during medieval and
> modern
> period. Could you please give me Mohammad Mabrouk'
> email.
> With best regards,
> Morteza
> > --- hatoon alfassi
> > wrote:
> >
> > > 5/8/2004
> > >
> > > Dear Friends,
> > >
> > > We have got up to date twenty members who joined
> > the
> > > list. It seems everybody is enjoying holidays. I
> > am
> > > happy though that we have made contact, although
> > not
> > > everybody had the chance to tell us what they are
> > > doing at the moment. I would expect we shall
> > > emphasise on it once all members invited have
> > > joined.
> > >
> > > I have sent invitations to about fifty of us. Some
> > > are from the department, some from Manchester
> > univ,
> > > some from elsewhere who are interested in the
> > group,
> > > and some are guests of special interest.
> > >
> > > I would like, however, to take this opportunity to
> > > say few things about what is happening at home.
> > >
> > > We are on vacation :), few weeks of quietness
> > after
> > > very bloody period with extremists, the last of
> > > which was few blocks away from our house. (I was
> > > preparing this note two days ago, the following
> > > morning, yesterday, we woke up on the news of an
> > > Irish man killed in his office, we are still far
> > > from quietness and without a serious step to solve
> > > the problem).
> > >
> > > People these days are busy talking about two
> > things,
> > > the coming municipal electiosn due in Sep for the
> > > first time since 42 years, whether it will include
> > > women or not. And the story of the battered Saudi
> > > wife hit almost to death by her husband three
> > months
> > > ago. We are having a series of interviews with the
> > > 'proud' husband on tv and papers, and the weak
> > wife
> > > who pardoned him. I've been writing my weekly
> > > articles around these issues, if anyone interested
> > I
> > > can attach them.
> > >
> > > Congratulations to Vehbi on your Ph.D. completion,
> > I
> > > hope you are enjoying London.
> > > Welcome to everyone who joined and especially our
> > > guests. Special welcome to Mohammad Mabrouk for
> > his
> > > thorough introduction and invitation as well. Mhmd
> > > missed to mention that he established a group
> > > himself for those interested in desert travells
> > > called it sahara safaris. I am sure he will be
> > happy
> > > to pass the invitation to whom interested.
> > >
> > > Waiting for everybody else.
> > >
> > >
> > > Take care all,
> > >
> > > Hatoon
> > >
> > >
> > > --
> > >
> >
> ___________________________________________________________

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