SaharaSafaris Club Studio (previously The Roof)

This the Community Center of our SaharaSafaris Club where groups (any group) adventures are being prepared, do their meetings, courses, monthly social dishparties, or just hangout with friends for a movie night or famous speakers talks, and store equipment shared by any member to all, etc. with a little contribution to the costs of the Roof and Club to cover the cost in a quiet district in Tagamoa.

Roof (like rest of SaharaSafaris Club) is NOT COMMERCIAL because it is the collaborative work of members and Club's Crew which come from all professions in this Country. We act as a group of well-educated friends who do things professionally together with their families and friends.

We call it "Sahara Safaris Club Roof" and this page is its Info Page to answer most of your questions about it.

ظاهرة الحاجة أم سعد أغنى أغنياء سيناء من غير ولا جنيه

ظاهرة الحاجة / «أم سعد» البدوية. من أغنى أغنياء سيناء بدون ولا جنيه وعايزة مننا كلنا حاجة ضروري ...

في قلب منطقة "الوديان العالية" خارج مدينة كاترين وقرب أعالي الجبال تسكن الحاجة / أم سعد في وادى الزواتين في بيتها وجناينها من غير أحفادها وبقية عيلتها من قبيلة الچبالية اللى تسكن مدينة كاترين وتملك ما حولها من الوديان.

الحاجة على خزانها فى آخر جنينتها

Hiking Training

Mountains walks or "Hiking" as it is now called in Egypt is not a science but a special type of trips which require special readiness in few things to avoid injuries that are extremely easy to avoid.

Since, 2002, this is the most famous Hiking "preparation orientation" by SaharaSafaris Hiking Club titled "Everything You Wish To Know About Hiking in Egypt and World" 

How to avoid getting bogged down in Sahel beaches

Ever heard of a friend who just modified his 4x4 and ventured into Sahel's sandy beach only to humiliate himself by getting bogged down in sand? (Arabic: يغرز فى الرمل) This is to help those poor machos.

Well, few years ago, Jeep Wranglers got so many in Egypt suddenly. They claim those 4x4 SUV cars can get you everywhere but they never told you that Desert requires extra driving skills (a lot more than driving actually) to use those cars right.

Kollo Bel7enneya Yefok

كله بالحنية يفك


Logbooks are small workbooks that keeps your history of offroading with SaharaSafaris in proper details kept each in one page and signed by Leaders every trip. The first page is where you optionally add your own current Car's configuration and modifications plus your total experience previous to this logbook plus your ID number in SSC. There are many benefits to keeping your Logbook properly filled everytime you go offroading with SaharaSafaris Club and to always remember your SSC ID.


Kayaks are the 4x4 of boats! Kayaks are fast, easy, small and personal boats that can handle most types of water surfaces like rivers, sea, whitewater and lakes.

A kayak can carry few things of yours and are ultralight to carry on car (around 20Kgs each). They come in many designs to suit explorative and adventurous even extreme sport. But for the most part, they're good to paddle (rowing) long distances of water surfaces and that we call Cross-country activity.

Offroading 4x4 Training in Egypt

This is a complete package of 4x4 training enabling absolute beginners to jumpstart their 4x4 offroading practice in the middle-east by a giant step.

It's made of 2 modules: Lectures and Practical in desert and it covers huge materials and skills not taught anywhere else including science of dunes (to better read the field from a glance), the dynamics of dunes driving (to apply the knowledge of dunes science), 4x4 detailed anatomy, desert code and ethics and a lot more.

And we keep expanding on the subject whenever something new hits the desert.


Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.

Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.


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