Logbooks are small workbooks that keeps your history of offroading with SaharaSafaris in proper details kept each in one page and signed by Leaders every trip. The first page is where you optionally add your own current Car's configuration and modifications plus your total experience previous to this logbook plus your ID number in SSC. There are many benefits to keeping your Logbook properly filled everytime you go offroading with SaharaSafaris Club and to always remember your SSC ID.


Kayaks are the 4x4 of boats! Kayaks are fast, easy, small and personal boats that can handle most types of water surfaces like rivers, sea, whitewater and lakes.

A kayak can carry few things of yours and are ultralight to carry on car (around 20Kgs each). They come in many designs to suit explorative and adventurous even extreme sport. But for the most part, they're good to paddle (rowing) long distances of water surfaces and that we call Cross-country activity.

Offroading 4x4 Training in Egypt

This is a complete package of 4x4 training enabling absolute beginners to jumpstart their dunes-bashing 4x4ing career in the middle-east by a giant step.

We will try here to answer everything that we have ever been asked.

It's made of 2 modules and it covers huge materials and skills not taught anywhere else including science of dunes (to better read the field from a glance), the dynamics of dunes driving (to apply the knowledge of dunes science), 4x4 detailed anatomy, desert code and ethics and a lot more. More modules will be added in the future as the followers grow to cover 4x4 Leadership and 4x4 modifications design.

An old flyer for this as project for the non-Commercial SaharaSafaris Club could be found here:

And the only way to apply for any of our courses is in this Registration Form (you need to know the date and the course you are applying for): https://goo.gl/forms/TakE5M6g23nMt2tV2


Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.

Caption: This is part of learning your limits. Engines have to be used carefully. Jeep Wranglers are NOT designed to make high jumps like, say Rally Cars, so you learn your limits.


How to understand 4x4 Safaris organized by Club

ينظم قادة نادى صحارى سفارى الكثير من الرحلات لمالكى ال4×4 والتى تلبى احتياجات كل مستويات المهارة والهوايات. ولهذا كتبنا هذا الدليل البسيط لمساعدتك على الفهم والتقييم للمستويات المهارية المطلوبة فى كل رحلات ال4×4 المعلنة للنادى.

The 4 very different levels/types of 4x4 Safaris. Any confusion of them will make the trip VERY DIFFERENT from your expectations and totally not suitable but you cannot change it if you commit to the trip with the Convoy's Crew Leader

بترتيب الصعوبة للسائقين من الأسهل الى الأصعب:-

Searching for the ultimate all wheeler

This page presents the outcome of the test drive searching for the ultimate all wheeler by the experts of Dunes Club.

Thanks for the car owners who provided us with the four cars below: Daihatsu Terios, Subaru XV, Suzuki Vitara and Renault Duster.


Many thanks to Dunes Club team: Mohamed Abdallah Hossam Omar Mahmoud Hassan Shady Amin @Aly Kauod and Adham Mostafa for safely organizing and executing the test.


In a nutshell, The X3 is engineered for Ultimate On-Road Performance purpose. Its design requirements include speed, stability, comfort, and safety. This would position it as an on-road star. However, the same design considerations would be a shortcoming for off-road performance.

Ghoroud Samuel

"غرود صمويل" (بالانجليزى Ghoroud Samuel) هى مساحة من الأرض في الصحراء الغربية المصرية (جزء من الصحراء الكبرى شمال إفريقيا) والتى يكسو بعض أجزاء منها غرود (كثبان رملية) بين البحيرات والجبال. المنطقة تعد من أكثر المناطق تنوعا فى أنواع الغرود كما انها قريبة إلى القاهرة وتصلح لرحلة يوم واحد لأندية سيارات الوعر (الوعر= كلمة أوفرودينج 4×4 بالعربى).

El Baben Shal

Owned by the same owner of Adrere Amellal and Kenouz lodges; Mounir Neamatallah.

El baben shal is a luxurious expensive lodge, built on the same hill of the old town of shaly. And as you can see some rooms have the hill as one of its walls!

Excellent food and service and a very nice terrace overlooking the archaic town of shali.



Organic Shop



Shali, Siwa
Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
+20-46-4601-499, +20-46-4602-299
Cost Per Night: 
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