TELL- El-AMARNA (Arabic: تل العمارنة)
Access: By road or rail to Deir-Mawas, 11 K.M south of Mallawi; then by car
to the ferry crossing to the eastern bank of the Nile.


There's no doubt that Upper Egypt is a distinct part of Egypt. Al Minia is one of the northern-most of all. Al Minia is called by some to be The Bride of Upper Egypt.

Trips Guidelines

In SaharaSafaris where trips/outings are mostly announced on the Forum (yahoogroups) there are only two types of them:


  1. Collaborative with no money retained as profit by the Leader
  2. Commercial: any activity in which the organizer on Saharasafaris is retaining money after the organization

There are several policies for the Collaborative cost-sharing, most important of which are two:

Western Desert - Egypt

Thurs 24th September: Leave by car (Toyota Corolla) at 1 in the afternoon from Cairo, via 6th of October towards ‘El Wahat’. We finally arrive at around 19:00 in Bahareya Oasis and it looks like the desert, feels like the desert and smells like the desert. At first sight Bahareya looks like a bunch of 2 floor cement houses thrown together close to the main street, but then we take a few alleys and find out that there is much more to do here.

botanical garden (penang)

botanical garden (penang)


It's a country of diversity and rapid progress.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Single highest standing mountain in the world is the highest in Africa. Because of such long trek up, one passes by several climates from equatorial at the bttom to alpine desert at the ice-capped summit.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to Kilimanjaro.

The Road to Freedom... through a deadly past.

It started as an impulse decision… a joke or a dare maybe. Not that this is a joking matter.  On the contrary. But my ability to participate in the Peace March was, or I thought it was. It might be an unknown event in the world, but living in Sarajevo, one can not avoid learning about the Srebrenica genocide, or the yearly march organised every July in commemoration.

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