Abu Galoum Sea

Abu Galoum Sea


Meaning gold in arabic Dahab is one of the major diving towns of the Red Sea, and Sinai. It's a resort town for tourists and travelers on a budget in comparison to Sharm which is loaded with Class A tourists paying for luxurious facilities.

How to get there:

Dahab has no airport which probably because it's too close to an over crowded Sharm airport. You reach it only by road.

Abu Galoum Sea

How to have Vaccination for Travelling

Mandatory vaccination

The yellow certificate

They have vaccination for:

  • Yellow fever (Arabic: الحمى الصفراء)
  • Meningitis (Arabic: الحمي الشوكيه)
  • Cholera (Arabic: كوليرا)
  • Influenza (Arabic: انفلوانزا)

these vaccination are required for entry and stay in some countries worldwide.

There are different places that you can get your vaccination

How to Sell Your Car

This article offers some practical tips into making your car more sellable if you ever decided time is up for a new one. It's sort of a brief essay that advices you, in organized steps, how to decide on selling your car; starting with pricing, fixing it if needed, putting it out for sale, negotiating the price, and last finalizing needed legal documents. You will find those tips usable for whichever place you’re in. As for registry details and procedures mentioned here, they are more oriented towards those who happen to live in Egypt.

How To Get Travelers' Insurance in Egypt

In 1864, Travel Insurance was invented by James G. Batterson when he founded the world’s first travel insurance agency “The Travelers Insurance Company” with the object of insuring travelers by railway or steam boat against loss of life and personal injury. Since then the concept has highly developed to cover a lot of aspects and details related to travel risks.

Badawiya Farafra

They have also Badawiya lodge in Dakhla oasis

And they run also a NGO


Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
Cost Per Night: 
Badawiya Farafra swimming pool

Desert Songs- Book Review

Desert Songs by Arita Baaijens, the once environmentalist Danish writer, photographer, and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, offers a picturesque journey to the heart of the deserts in Egypt and Sudan, a unique endeavor of skillfully narrating a spiritual, inward rather than a descriptive analysis of how life in the desert looks, feels, and goes like, if you ever, like the author did, decided to give up city life and give yourself in to the cosmic void of the deserts.

How to obtain or renew car license in Egypt

This post lists procedures and documents needed to obtain or renew car License, or transform ownership of a newly bought second hand vehicle in Cairo, highlighting many traffic services-related issues and new methods introduced to enhance citizens/ foreigners’ experience, such as traffic services provided through Egypt's Electronic Government's website.

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