How to Use Transportation to St Catherine

This article is dedicated for Transportation from Cairo.

Sharq el Delta bus ( Cairo – Suez—St Catherine ):

2 buses daily from El Torgoman ( Ramses ) and then from Almaza Station ( masr el gedida )

From Almaza they are leaving at 11.45 am and 2 am, ticket are for 30 LE for Egyptians


How to Buy Maps of Egypt

There are many sources for maps in Egypt but for the most serious they're not easy to obtain. Many travellers are just happy with streets maps, but for the more serious, it's imperative to get a series of updated maps in good scale. Google Earth is not enough, so many alternatives are placed here and as is the case with all articles here receives updates from the SaharaSafaris Community.

Marina El-Alamein

Leuce Acte (Arabic ليوكيسس) is the name that was given to the city known nowadays El-Alamein (Arabic العلمين) during the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman periods. A city, port and cemetery that part of it had been accidentally discovery in 1986 while digging to build the new Marina El-Alamein resort.

Wekalet El-Balah

"Ta3ala bos, be 7'amsa we nos" or "come and see, costs 5.5 pounds"...Once you enter that "souk" or "Dates market, you start hearing sellers "advertising" for their goods in their own rhythm! What is the story of this market and how did it get that name and how does it look like?

Hala'et El Samak

Hala’et El Samak (Arabic: حلقة السمك), or the Fish-market in Alexandria, is the picturesque Fish Market of the second-largest city in Egypt. It is the place where retailers trade the fish caught by the fishermen who are hired by higher ranks fishermen, in most cases, much older and experienced fishermen, who happen to be wealthy enough to pay the expenses of the fishing ships (license, salaries, supplies…).

Faransa Street

Faransa, it is the Arabic pronunciation for France, the country.

Aged more than two decades, Faransa Street (Arabic: شارع فرنسا) still enjoys its vitality and overcrowding aspect. Jewelers, cloths, various home necessities (Chinese production)… Over hundreds of products can be found in that Street and its ramifications. One of those is Zaneet Elsettat "زنقة الستات".

Astronomical Coordinates

This article is requiring no knowledge on Astronomy. It introduces, however, one of the most complicated concepts in astronomy: Astronomical Coordinates. It's then followed by some Glossary for terms including the words in original Arabic from which the English terms stemed and then a final 'test' piece in archaic Arabic by Ibn Khaldoun.
Now, many of those starting to learn Astronomy have a problem understading the difference between Equatorial Coordinates (Right-Ascention and Declination angles) and Horizontal Coordinates (Azimuth and Altitude angles). Here is some help.

Ahmed Hassanein


Ahmed Pasha Hassanein (1889-1946) (Arabic: أحمد باشا حسنين) or Aḥmad Moḥammad Makhlūf Ḥasanēn al-Būlākī (Arabic: أحمد محمد مخلوف حسنين البولاقى). One of the most influential courtiers in Egypt between the 2 World Wars ending up in the highly prestigious post of Chief of the Royal Diwan. Ahmed was a renowned world's Geographic Explorer of the 1920s whose sensational discoveries have awarded him the Gold (Founder) Medal of Royal Geographical Society; the most prestigious British award for European explorers.

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