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Siwa is an oasis lying to the West of the Nile Valley. Siwa has very strong historical and cultural ties to the Nile Valley to the extent that Alexander the Great may have had it as the first thing he visited in Egypt upon conquering it.Today, Siwa offers for native Egyptians -along with Sinai Mountains and beaches- some of the most interesting visiting places after the Nile Valley countryside. In this collaborative article, Siwa's culture, geography as well as all logistical details will be explained for the most intellectual explorers by the Community of SaharaSafaris.

Hassan Mohamed Hassan


Hassan Mohamed Hassan (1906-1990) (full name is Hassan Mohamed Hassan elFeky, Arabic: حسن محمد حسن الفقى) was one of the pioneers of Egyptian modern art from the second-wave such as Saeed elSadr (1909-1986) and Ahmed Osman. Hassan has been called Painter of the Epics and Philosophies by critiques and has been recognized by his colleagues for his strong adherence to Classical forms in Egyptian modern art.

Astronomy Glossary

This Glossary deals mostly with Arabic Terms that have been adopted by Medieval European scholars and given European names as below. The discussion of the history of changes in Arabic terms is included whenever needed.

علم الهيئة/علم هيئة الفلك/علم الفلك
Science of Astronomy

"3elm Al-Hay2a" is the Arabic name used by Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and the other leading Muslim scholars of the medievals. It means "Science of the Appearance of the Celestial Sphere". The modern form of this Arabic name is (Al-Falak الفلك) or the "Science of Celestial Sphere".
Astronomy Glossary Cover

BookDiscussion: Sunset Oasis--by Bahaa Taher

The discussion will cover the many sides of one of few research-based novels in Egypt. It tells the story of the remote Siwa oasis during the troubling days after the British occupation of Egypt in the 19th Century. The novel has been awarded the inaugural IPAF (International Prize for Arabic Fiction) AKA the Arab Booker Prize. The discussion is welcoming all notes on literature, history, culture, geography of Siwa and the area.

Al Quseir Hotel

This place is amazing. A guest-house styled lodge. It is a rennovated 1920's merchant's house right on the water front with only 6 rooms. Shared bathrooms but very clean. The sea-front rooms have amazing views.


Quotations from TripAdvistor (2014 Dec):

sharia port said, Quseir kornish, red sea coast
Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
Cost Per Night: 
(BB) Double - Sea View (airconditioned) 198 EGP, Double - Sea View (fan only) 168 EGP, Double - Street View (fan only) 138 EGP
El Quseir Hotel


1940s Cairo's architecture mixed with domes Hassan Fathi's style. Decoration is following more the 1940s Cairene style with some fantastic drawings and themes.

West bank- Dada'iyya - Luxor
Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
+20 123 251 307
Cost Per Night: 
DBL room 170 euro/night , junior suite 220 euro/night, luxury suite 290 euro/night (all BB)
Al Moudira room

Astronomy Orientation

Short notice, but hope some will still be able to attend. It's limited --as usual-- to 5 participants.

Please email me offlist for reservations.

Location: Harood's Cafe, 19 elKoroom St, Mohandesin.

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