Courtier and Explorer: Ahmed Hassanein

You feel physically adventurous and intellectual at the same time?

Have you heard of King Farouk? You think you know Ahmed Pasha Hassanein who's been all along with him in most of his adult life?

Come and let's get to know more of the secrets of his life specially ones related to the Desert.

Day 4x4 Desert Networking Event

If you own a 4x4 and is willing to join a small group of us going "towards" Wadi elHitan for a Day's Safari, then please contact Author (see links above): Name(s), and your 4x4 experience.

Dish party will be had at el3asr. We'll leave right after Sunset to Cairo.

Unfortunately, there would be no Camping this time so there should be no Star-gazing (astronomy exercise).


Habitat is the place in which a creature live. A fish habitat is the sea, and a gazelle habitat is a flat desert.

Imagine your home where you were brought up! It has running water, has a range of temperature that is not too high (+50°) or too low (-10°), has certain privacy behind walls that won't show what you're doing, has toilet and waste disposal ways. Let's assume too that you cannot live without a Cinema and a bookshop nearby.

Now imagine you move to another country. You should choose your home where there's a Cinema and bookshop nearby.

This should narrow down your search to fewer places.

This might be a ridiculous example but that area that fits your "life requirements" is what scientists call your "habitat". Scientists will try to recognize what defines it for all living creatures with whatever preferences and scale of the places they like to live in.

Talk: Egyptian International Rallyist: An Adventurous Project?

Rally race is said to be the last milestone of a long torturing
project. Rally in Egypt is an unusual sport with many myths already
exploded by many Egyptian Rallyists. Mido has raised the bar high and
in a very a short time. Is Rally too technical for people to join? If
it is really intellect-consuming why some think it's only for reckless

Orientation: Basics of Astronomy

Basics of Astronomy. Participants should leave with ability to evaluate the astronomy as a serious hobby. It's for total beginners and uses no fieldtrips (although some could be arranged separately).

Location: Harood's Cafe
19 ElKoroom Street, Mohandessin.

I can only take 5 participants, and it will be on first-come-first-served basis. Reservation is strictly on email and I will confirm attendance as soon as I have number completed.


Consider the Coral Reefs of Ras Mohamed: they grow only on the beach or shallow bottoms and nowhere else (corals don't float in the middle of the Sea and won't grow on beach sand out of water). So many species of fish and crustaceans (pronounced crust-a-shans and is a single name for all types for lobsters, shrimps, and their marine look-alikes) live on the corals and call it their habitat. They just cannot leave it because there is where all the fun and life and food for them. This place (Habitat) together with all its creatures are called the Ecosystem of Coral Reefs.

About SaharaSafaris

It is an Egyptian-led Community of busy and intellectually-motivated people from all over the world who have traveled or intersted in travelling in the Middle-east. Safarists here are from all sorts of professional backgrounds, and are almost split in half between girls and guys. SaharaSafaris (and this website) is non-commercial, but uses commercial services sometimes. 'Co-operative' safaris are organized by members, sometimes publicly for the Community, but mainly for their family and friends.

See on-going discussion on the Forum.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم - "قل سيروا فى الأرض فانظروا كيف بدأ الخلق" - صدق الله العظيم

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