Beit el Kerem

you reach the west Aswan village by feeryboat, once you are out the train station, walk straight to reach the nile side and take the ferryboat (1 EGP)

from there you walk less then 10 min to reach the GuestHouse

Excellent reception, owner and Staff are very freindly and helpfull,

A couzy place to spend a quiet and relaxing vacation

food and beverages are for free


West Aswan
Method to Get There: 
Road (excellent track for normal cars)
+2 012 3842218
Cost Per Night: 
av. 25-30 euros

How to drive onroad in Egypt for 4x4 Caravans

Driving for any trip in Egypt has to go through the hassle of Egyptian roads. From our records, it seems that most of our Safaris have higher risks driving on-road than off-road. This article is intended for those who are driving their 4x4s in a caravan/train/convoy of any sort on roads but will be very useful for any others as well.

Parking on Edges of Highways

It's not safe to park on the right side of road outside lates because some of the fastest cars sometimes choose this lane to pass others in desperate situations.


The capital and largest city in Italy, Rome is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of history and culture, as it was at the heart of the Roman Empire, plus being one of the most important renaissance cities. There are so many places to visit, restaurants to indulge in, and beautiful sceneries.
Famous Piazzas:

Nikon or Canon

It is a question that I had to answer for myself, and sure many others
need an answer, and the answer would need some effort and especially
from those who did not try any and need an answer to decide.

How to Issue International Driving License in Egypt

It’s super easy.

First Step

Go to Traffic Administration in  Nasr City (Arabic: Edaret Elmorour El3ama  or  ادارة المرور العامة) that is right next to Mosque of Rabea elAdaweya (Arabic: جامع رابعة العدوية) and issue a slip of paper from them that you

Los Angeles

Due to the fact of its being geographically large and extremely scattered, Los Angeles is sometimes accused of not being a city: "I think it is very wrong to call Los Angeles a 'city of many centers' - I only wish it was"

Disney Concert Hall - Downtown LA


A beautiful point on earth where the north meets the south and west meets the east. A beautiful peace of earth, you feel the magic of the place as soon as you step down on its land.

That place has its own unique culture, very tourist friendly, especially to Egyptians. Dare you speak in Egyptian dialect, you will never be left alone. Being offered home stays for free, dinners, free tours, all kind of advice any tourist would ever dream of.


New York

New York City is the largest city in the State of New York and perhaps in all of USA. To understand its areas, we may consider that the State of NY (New York) is similar to the Governorate of Menya in Egypt which is divided to Qisms inside City of Menya (Arabic: أقسام أو أحياء) and surrounded by Markazes (Arabic: مراكز) outside the City. State of NY is divided to "counties" inside and outside the City of New York.

Each county may have one or more Cities like New York (but rarely on the same size). Because it is huge, NYC (abbreviation to New York City) is in fact made

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