Orientation: Basics of Astronomy

Basics of Astronomy. Participants should leave with ability to evaluate the astronomy as a serious hobby. It's for total beginners and uses no fieldtrips (although some could be arranged separately).

Location: Harood's Cafe
19 ElKoroom Street, Mohandessin.

I can only take 5 participants, and it will be on first-come-first-served basis. Reservation is strictly on email and I will confirm attendance as soon as I have number completed.


1-Structure of the Universe: brief orientation on what is the Big Bang and it's likely relation to entities from clusters to meteorites.

2-Coordinates: language of astronomers for locations of celestial
bodies as observed from Earth. If you don't know how to handle
Coordinates, then you don't speak the language of serious hobbyists.

3-Software: where to find what? Maps of the sky are extremely
dynamic and seasonal and only a software can predict exact locations of Celestial Bodies at certain time. OBLIGATORY.




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