Talk: Egyptian International Rallyist: An Adventurous Project?

Rally race is said to be the last milestone of a long torturing
project. Rally in Egypt is an unusual sport with many myths already
exploded by many Egyptian Rallyists. Mido has raised the bar high and
in a very a short time. Is Rally too technical for people to join? If
it is really intellect-consuming why some think it's only for reckless

Very interactive and animated talk with
down-to-earth questions and answers. Come and put your question among
many others that Mido can help explain to us.

This event is OPEN
for ALL. It's NOT exclusive for 4x4 owners, but for all who wish to
learn about how International Competition is fierce in Rally by Mido;
an insider who's willing to disclose a lot!

British Council,
Corniche elNil, Agouza.