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GIS Project Manager

Please send the following Job Openings to whom it may concern.

1-GIS Project Manager /Business Analyst (Staff Contract -- Experience needed: 5+ years)

2-GIS Business Analyst (Temp Contract -- Experience needed: 3-5 years)

The jobs will be based in Cairo in the IT department of Etisalat Misr.

Here is more on the technical experience related to GIS required

1-GIS Project Manager /Business Analyst (5+ years)

Employer Description: 
Etisalat Misr
Mohamed Mabrouk

Project coordinator- International Programs Office- AUC

Temporary Help Beginning May 7 and Ending July 19 (two months
twelve days).

Two projects/groups of international students from US
universities will be coming to AUC for customized academic programs.  The first
of these groups will arrive on May 8 and depart June 9, the second will Arrive
May 30 and depart on/after July 19.  This person will need to serve as a
liaison/coordinator/group leader during their stay at AUC as well as on field

Employer Description: 
International Programs Office- AUC
Ms. Rana El-Harty: OR Mr. Sherif Amer:


Sakkara (Arabic: سقارة) is a very rich area comprising a good number of Pharonic monuments. It's located in Giza, Egypt , next to the great Giza pyramids. Sakkara includes 11 pyramids , no other place in Egypt has such number of pyramids situated in one single area. It's uniqueness however is not just ralted to having an exceptional number of pyramids, for it has also got many mastabas and tombs, of both noblemen and workers, that have been discovered on different expedition missions. Egyptologists are said to be expecting the discovery of more tombs in the area.

Youssuf Omar 1

Youssuf Omar 1

ElMoez Lidinillah Street

Would you like to go on a journey in the past that could slide hundreds of years back in one trip?  See buildings jump from an era to era, observe them and even live in them? History makers and Owners of those buildings from every era invite you to examine their homes & business and giving you chance to whiteness their glory days and taste their way of living charm as a bonus.

Software Engineers @ NRG Solutions

NRG Solutions ( has the following job openings

Employer Description: 
NRG Solutions <a href=""></a>  

Wadi Degla

Walking in Wadi Degla you can hear the silence; it has volume and weighs down on you, but in a totally positive way. You seem to drown in a pool of calmness and certainty seems like a second nature to you for a while. You are no longer in your wired existence (mobile and laptop). You just exist in a breathtakingly beautiful desert.

Wadi Degla is a 12km-long canyon that became a national park in 1999. It’s also a rustic natural area where people come to hike, bike and picnic on weekends.


Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East and one of the largest and oldest in Human history. Its richness defies imagination from ancient Pyramids to ultra modern Hotels and residences complex. Its culture is one of the most cosmopolitan in history amalgamating elements from ancient Egyptian era to the time of American super-power and post 2011 revolution.

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