How to do team building

Submitted by Mabrouk on Fri, 2011/10/14 - 7:11pm

Team building is still an emerging service in Egypt that has been lacking a lot like training, research, and other important services for a nation to build its efficient workforce.

Experiential learning is a growing industry in the developed countries and else and appeal to humans in learning the way to make a more synergetic team.

How to prepare your car to desert 4x4ing

Submitted by Mabrouk on Sun, 2010/10/31 - 7:34pm

There are many ways to prepare a 4x4 for action in desert. In many ways, most stock 4x4s are ready for most actions but not for all. Some agents specialize in Egypt to fit 4x4s for such actions.

Outfitting your 4x4 with equipment has to be for a purpose so please read well why and how to prepare each for your 4x4.

It's important to mention here that 'Recovery' is the art of bringing a sand-stuck car back to traction and to be able to move itself using its own engine. 

How to Plan Food for Trips

Submitted by Molta on Thu, 2010/01/21 - 11:28am

Even if you're not a big fan of food, planning of meals and quantities of food and water and beverages, and how to carry them remains an essential skill which can make your trip much fun, or put you and your friends at the risk of food severe shortage that may indeed cause you to cancel trip.