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"The best unspoiled travel destinations in the world" this is what the National Geographic Magazine has named the fjords; the deep saltwater along the narrow western inlet coast of Norway with steep sides, which is often formed by glacial actions, it is also featured on the UNESCO World Heritage list and considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.
Fjords of Norway 


Paris is the Capital of France and the largest of its cities (communes in France). Paris is also the capital city of the Region Île-de-France (a.k.a. Région Parisienne (the Paris Region)).


A country that has once led the economic, political, human and intellectual advancement of Europe still has much to offer.

France’s political and economical capital is the city of Paris and it’s also the largest in population and its language is French which is based on Latin of the Roman Empire. 


The capital and largest city in Italy, Rome is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of history and culture, as it was at the heart of the Roman Empire, plus being one of the most important renaissance cities. There are so many places to visit, restaurants to indulge in, and beautiful sceneries.
Famous Piazzas:


One of the largest Capital cities of West Europe. It's museums, business district and buzzing downtown shows the remains of one of the largest empires humans ever had. London with its larger extent (Greater London) is the most populous city in EU at 2006 estimated at 7.5 millions in about 1500 Sq Km (as per Office for National Statistics).

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