160GB Portable External HardiDisk on USB

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160GB Hard Disk One Touch 4 Mini

Brand New Hard Disk for Sale. Perfect for moving all your movies/files around from work to home computers with a little very hard shelled Hard Disk the size of mobile phone:

  • 160 GB
  • USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive (no power cord needed)
  • USB doubles for power cord (has two jacks in case of older PCs)
  • for Windows (including drivers for Mac)
  • Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini
  • BRAND NEW (opened case)
  • 5 years Guarantee (invoice of purchase dated 15/3/2008 included)

Here's a review: 

Like the name suggests, the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini is the tiniest member of the OneTouch 4 family of external hard drives.

160GB Hard Disk One Touch 4 Mini


160GB Hard Disk One Touch 4 Mini, USB Cord, and CD


The OneTouch 4 Mini is indeed small. Its size and the fact that it's bus-powered make it a perfect companion for your laptop as a backup or storage extension. It's a fast data writer and comes with backup and restore hardware. It comes in three capacities: 80GB ($100), 120GB ($120), and 160GB ($150).

Reason for selling: got another one back and stuck with two 160GB!

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