Ramadan and Suhoor

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Alsalmu alaykom dear Sisters and Brothers,
Colleague Professor Dr. Hani Nowara, wrote in a message
to Al-Shullah (Al-Shellah):

[Ramadan Kareem, but please take care of your stomach that is empty
all day & sudenly being attacked so vigoursly, so do not drink much
water during meals do not eat between eftar & sohoour &
"take your sohoor early so that you do not sleep immediately after eating"
& eat
konafa but reasonably.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me,
Dr. Hani Nowara, Obesity Surgeon]

Nabiyuna Mohammad, 3alayhi alsalaatu wa alsalaam, has told us to "Bakiru
alfutur wa akheru alsuhoor". That means the fasting period should be as short
as possible.
Professor Nowara is right, in saying, "you do not sleep immediately after
eating", but that can be achieved if one sleeps early -with a relatively
empty stomach- and then wakes up about half an hour before Fajr and takes a
light meal (Suhoor).
May Allah helps us in fasting and do the right things to please HIM.
Professor Dr. Mohammad Muhiidin, Berlin

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Dear sisters and brothers,

If you allow me, let me tell you about a nice way of
eating after a long day fasting. i am doing this
myself and learned it from the gulf.
The best way to do is immediately after the maghreb
prayer is to take 2-3 dates with milk (Rayeb)and you
may also have some hot soop. this can keep you not
hungry till the esha prayer and taraweeh, after that
you can have a nice meal (not heavy one ) but at least
you were able to do the taraweeh prayer at ease and
also didnt hurt your stomech.
Ramadan Kareem to all of you


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