Ramadan kariim from a new member at El Shella

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From what I've read, Ramadan begins very soon in Egypt. I hope that
everyone has a generous Ramadan. Soon I, too, will arrive in Egypt,
inshallah, for my very first trip in your country. Right now, I'm
with my family in the United States for our Thanksgiving holiday, but
will leave this week for Egypt. My father, who's here now with all of
us, will accompany me to Egypt for the first 3 weeks, and I'll serve
as his guide.

I'm looking forward to both traveling in Egypt and also learning
about your country. I'm an instructor at a university in Chicago and
teach English as a Second Language to adult immigrants, most of whom
are preparing for advanced degrees in business or computers. During
the four months that plan to live in Egypt, I hope to study Arabic
and make many new Egyptian friends.

Two people had recommended El Shella as a friendly, supportive place
to meet Egyptians on the web. Many, many more than two people have
recommended Egypt the country as a friendly, supportive place in
which to live and study.

I expect that in the near future, I'll be peppering El Shella with
postings about books to read and opinions to share.

Thank you
William Wolf


Dear Friend,

You are welcome to Cairo, and you can contact any shellawy to know anything
or to do anything, or even for advise on where to go today.
They are all here at el-shella community at your service, and they are
friendly as far as friendship can go :))

So feel no worry about anything, and welcome to Egypt.


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