11 y/old student opinion on Egyptian Education

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Hi all Shellawaya,
My name is Islam Ayman, i'm an 11 year old student at Future Language Schools, i'm writing to you now from my mother's email because i don't have my own.
I did not like that all shellawaya and everybody even on TV to blame Mrs. Bonita Zaki the person who put the exam for 2nd prep, which was ?imagine that you are a thief?. Not because she works in my school. I want to ask all of you a question: how can a kid starts his life like a man without knowing what is happening around him?.
The kid must know everything bad or good, so he can know the difference and chose and what is happening around him. An investigator when he investigate a robbery he imagine himself the thief and think like he thinks or he will not know how he robed a bank or else. So is that investigator going to be a thief because he imagined himself a thief???
For example, I remember once they asked us to imagine that you are a pair of shoes. Were they ordering us to be shoes or just imagining or to feel how life would be if I am a shoe walking in mud, and knowing how shoes are something useful protecting our feet. By the way Mom also was angry when I had this compassion, I wonder why? And she said to me ?I hope you know the value of the shoes and you will not damage them?. LOL
Now I?ve said all what I want from my opinion, imagining is not bad at all but it is like dreaming, it makes you have ideas and be creative not like just studying a book.

Islam Ayman

Dear all shellawaya I was surprised from my kid opinion so,I insist to share it with you all I guess this prove that we look to things from our ?adult? point of view and kids have another point of view, or at least some of them..)))

Manal Mostafa "Minnie"


Dear Islam and Shellaweyya
My wife and I have published a children's book (
http://home.sprynet.com/~aalsabbagh ). Initially, we created it for
our son, but we decided to publish it later on. We took the book to
the Arabic bookstores in New York and we had to compete with other
books. I remember one book that gave two examples; one was "Ahmad
burned his book" and "Ali escaped from school". I am sure there are
many examples that can be given to illustrate the meaning of "burn"
and "escape" and they do not have to be examples of bad student
behaviors. I am sure some kids may like the fact that Ahmad burned
his book and Ali escaped from school. The same applies to the
example of being a thief. I guess a better example would be "Imagine
your self a detective and trying to think like a thief to help solve
a crime". The end result is the same; you are thinking like a thief,
but the approach is different.
Dr. Ashraf Alsabbagh

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Good day Islam:

I was really amazed when I went thru your email, you are the same age as my
son. I really am so proud that you penned down what you did. You have a very
strong point of view that has really made me smile while going thru your

What you said is so true, and I totally agree with you. Thank you again for
that wonderful email, and am wishing you all the best in your life.

Take care,

Mohammed Ismail

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