How to drive onroad in Egypt for 4x4 Caravans

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Driving for any trip in Egypt has to go through the hassle of Egyptian roads. From our records, it seems that most of our Safaris have higher risks driving on-road than off-road. This article is intended for those who are driving their 4x4s in a caravan/train/convoy of any sort on roads but will be very useful for any others as well.

Parking on Edges of Highways

It's not safe to park on the right side of road outside lates because some of the fastest cars sometimes choose this lane to pass others in desperate situations.

  • Instead of just stopping on the 'shoulder' try to lay the car as far as possible from the road by at least 1 meter.
  • Make sure that the last car has put their Blinking Red/Orange lights 'flasher' on.
  • For persons moving outside their cars, avoid moving on side of road and always go on the outer sides of the cars.
  • Always use your breaks when you park on the side of the road.

What is in Risk by Your Driving

For better safety of all, you need to remember what's being in risk so you try to avoid it by further actions if need be:


  • Yourself and the passengers with you
  • Your friends in the rest of the Caravan/Train of cars
  • Other drivers on the same road
  • Public crossing roads you're driving on or living by its side 


Driving 4x4 Caravan/Train On-Road

If you are on a Caravan/Train of 4x4s on the road, and for the safety of all, you have to do the following:


  • depending on speed, please watch the distance between your 4x4 and 4x4s in front of you in the Caravan/Train. If you're too close, you'll confuse him/her and you will not be able to avoid a crash if they stop suddenly with the rest of the Train. Remember --and remind all others-- that every driver can only control distance in front of them. At 100 kph, recommended distance is around 30 meters
  • do not follow blindly what the 4x4 infront of you in Caravan. Sometimes they can avoid a motorbike on the side by changing to the left lanes temporarily when it's empty. Make sure that the situation allows you (like no cars are coming in the opposite direction) when you're following them.