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The second largest city in Egypt after Cairo and a major city in the history of ancient Egypt.

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Recommended places to visit



  • The Graeco-Roman Museum
  • Citadel of Quaitbay
  • Roman Amphitheatre
  • Alex library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) at El-Shatby and its museums
  • Bahary (Ba7ary) which is the old part of the city
  • Sayed Darwish House at Kom El-Dekaa
  • Jewelry Museum (Mat7af elmogawharaat)
  • Pompey's Pillar (عمود السوارى): a monolith granite 26.5m high (approx as high as 7-floors building) and 2.7m diameter at the base. It was built in the year 297 AD. It weighs 285 tons and is one of the longest and highest buildings ever erected in the world. Not in Egypt however because the broken statue of Ramses II in the Rameseum in Luxor is one piece of granite that weighs 1000 tons. It is a "triumphant pillar" meaning it was built to commemorate the memory of victory. In this case, it was the victory of the Roman Emperor Diocletian over the an Alexandrian revolt. This is the largest ever by Romans built outside their historical Capitals of Rome and Constantinople.
  • Koom elsho2afaa
  • el Montazah Park


Malls and Markets


  • San Stefano Mall as well as Green Plaza Mall
  • El-Raml district with its markets and restaurants


Sampling Food


  • Lunch at Fish Market
  • Lunch at the Greek club
  • Oriental food at balba3 downtown or sidi beshr (shish kabab or sea food)
  • Spectra Restaurant at El-Montazah Park
  • Eilaa (إيلع) in Bahary