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The Oasis of Baharia is the closest to Cairo and largest of all Western Desert oases in Egypt (Arabic: el-Wa7at el-Baharia الواحات البحرية).

Along with Siwa Oasis, elBaharia is the capital of Safari services providers to Western Desert and is considered the last station of Gas and Food and Water rations before most medium-ranged safaris to the Sahara.

elBaharia is actually a group of smaller oases and which are called Hatteyas (Arabic: حطية). The largest of which is elBawity where the main Governmental buildings, hotels, and larger archaeolgoical sites are found. While other Oases (Dakhla, Khrga, and Farafra) are part of Governoreate of Wadi elGadid, elBaharia is part of Governorate of Giza. This alone maybe reason for why it's not as well maintained like the other Oases.

The origin of the name

Baharia means Northern in Egyptian Arabic. The word 'oasis' is Graeco-roman and is derived from the ancient Egyptian word "w-H-t" which are the same used in Egypt today.


Some Lodges/Hotels:

Some Bedouin Guides (from Baharia)

  • AbdelAal: (+20-100-80-891 or  +20-127-352-015) a famous, experienced and reliable Safari organizer
  • Sameh: (+201289910292)
  • Walid (+20-122 9700 988)
  • Badry (+20-127 313-908)
  • Hossam (+20- 121179524) 

Some Commercial Experienced Safari Organizers (from Cairo)