Meteor showers

Meteor showers (Arabic: المطر الشهابي or الزخات الشهابية) are an interesting phenomenon in which meteors (Arabic: شهب) --a.k.a. shooting stars or falling stars--crease the numbers they fall with. Some think it looks like a shower but it doesn't except extremely rarely and if you're lucky and looking at the right spot at the right time. It may for a second look like Cosmic fireworks in the sky like we were told by our friends in Katrina town, Sinai where sky is always very clear. But again that's EXTREMELY rare.

Astronomical Coordinates

This article is requiring no knowledge on Astronomy. It introduces, however, one of the most complicated concepts in astronomy: Astronomical Coordinates. It's then followed by some Glossary for terms including the words in original Arabic from which the English terms stemed and then a final 'test' piece in archaic Arabic by Ibn Khaldoun.
Now, many of those starting to learn Astronomy have a problem understading the difference between Equatorial Coordinates (Right-Ascention and Declination angles) and Horizontal Coordinates (Azimuth and Altitude angles). Here is some help.