Motorola Talk About T5500 8 Mile Range

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7 GMRS/FRS 1-watt channels   

7 FRS 0.5-watt channels   

8 GMRS 1-watt channels   

38 interference eliminator codes, which help minimize interference by providing multiple code combinations   

1w transmit power on channels 8 - 14  

10 audible call tones   

Talk confirmation tone   

Keypad lock   

Backlit display   

Battery meter indicator   

Audible low battery alert   

Audio accessory connector (single pin)   

Removable swivel belt clip   

Qt noise filter   

Vox voice activation that lets you talk hands-free when used with 

optional accessories  

Available in AA battery/rechargeable ready w/NiCad batteries, two- 

pocket desktop charger, transformer.   

Type of item
LE 750
Mob. 010 6630751