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accepted the license agreement between us and the company even
without reading it. If you spend some time to read it you will find
the following if you agree to use this application as a shareware
free to try 30 days then you feeel satisfied and happy with it you
must pay the company some dollars which are the program price. And
the questions here how many of us did pay this mentioned amount to
the companies even we keep using these application for ever if it
didn't uninstalled by itself after the trial period? And if you
didn't pay is this considered halal or Haram and also copying CD's
and cassettes downloading MP3 which is already stolen from some where
else and they made them without permission of the original creators.

I think we need a new tashree3 titled "feaqh AL Internet" to explan
such new terms coming everyday so what do you think Am I right?
MCSE + Internet