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Through the scientific data available on healing , a lot of people who do not have access to classical therapy resort to traditional healers to alleviate the cause of their pain that is always almost attributed to black magic and the thing is is that it works !!!To the extent that a team of serious doctors from europe went and studied and conducted research with sheikhs and traditional healers to try to incorporate their practices in a western setting .

The point I am really trying to make is that an individual is a complex entity made of several things , some known to us and some not known...in his/her belief system that is passed down from generations back the idea of magic almost always exist in most people's mind .So to sum it up , at least during the course of my work , I take those things into consideration .I hope I have answered your question Roro..and oh , one more thing, to be in the 21st century is not so relevant to people's beliefs . Some beliefs are archaic and have to be taken into consideration whatever the time and place. Be well