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ADSL connection to the net, it allows simultaneous voice calls and Internet
connection, basically you can be connected to the net 24 hours and use the
phone for voice calls (or faxes) as well at anytime.

The DSL service requires a setup at both the ISP and the telephone company
(telco). The TELCO has to provide DSL equipment at the "central office"
which you are connected to. This equipment (DSLAM - DSL Access Multiplexer)
is then connected to the ISP via the internal digital telephone network. The
ISP has to provide you with an DSL modem, which is quite expensive, so they
might rent it to you.

I heard that some ISP's are starting DSL services in egypt, but I'm not
quite sure about this. The problem is that many of the ISPs have limited
bandwidth (upto 4 or 8 Mbps), where are they gonna get enough bandwidth for
all the subscribers? Here in canada our telco is our ISP as well (Bell
Canada) and they have their own backbone (multiple 48 Mbps loops) so they
can provide each subscriber with 1 Mbps ADSL connection. Maybe in Egypt
they'll provide the minimum rate (which is 128 Kbps I guess).


About the song (The Rose), as the matter of fact it's one of my most
favourite songs, thanks alot for sharing it with us :) By the way, the
original version of the song was done by "Bette Midler", and then it was
remade by "LeeAnn Rimes" .. both are amazing :)

Happy Valentine's everybody.

Khaled Hammouda