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The cleanest city in the world, Singapore developed from being just a port in a British colony to become one of the world’s most metropolitan cities.

Quick facts:

Visa: apply at the country of residence. (needs some paperwork)

Time zone: GMT +8

Location, Boarders: South-East Asia, Malaysia & Indonesia

Capital: Singapore

Language: English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil

Currency: Singapore Dollar, 1USD = 1.27 SD,

Price guide: pepsi can = 1SD






Singapore (the city):

Before I start with the review I’would like to say “skip the flyer go to marina bay sands instead” I will explain shortly.

Singapore is a one-city country. The people are extremely obsessed with shopping, so there are massive malls in orchard rd. area and all over the country. As Singapore is known with its ridiculously strict laws (will be mentioned later), the people has a good sense of humor about it.

Where to stay

Most budget hostels are around Chinatown MRT and Lavender MRT stations; though the dorm bed rates starts at 16 SD which is not really cheap.

Beware, don’t get fined:

Chewing gum: 100SD                      

Littering: 1000SD

Spitting: 500SD                                

Somking: 500SD….. and so on



Singapore Zoo:  after leaving the zoo go to the night safari enternace area (if you are leaving at closing hours) as there is a fire show for free.

Night Safari: it is reviewed as a must visit destination, but I can’t see why (personal opinion).

Its grounds are bigger than the zoo’s but you have much less time, I would say take the walking trails first then finish with the tram ride as the both cover different routes. Go to the creatures of the night show only if you have the time and you would be able to get back with transport.

Singapore Flyer: admission 30SD, it is the highest ferrous wheel n the world, it used to be a good way to vie Singapore from a high point of view until MBS in mid 2010. Now it is just boring and worthless.

Marina Bay Sands: admission 20SD, this architectural land mark opened in mid 2010 with a famous observation deck as long as the Eifel tower on the 56th floor. Why should you go instead of the flyer?? It is higher, no glass to obstruct the photography, cheaper and you can spend as much time as you want. The downside is that the swimming pool of the hotel is in the middle of the deck but it is only accessible to hotel guests only.

Sentosa Island: Sentosa is the playground for Singaporeans it used to consume 1 day of Singapore itinerary but after Universal Studios theme park has opened; it can easily take 2 days. Admission is 1SD


Songs of the Sea show: book the ticket as soon as you reach the island as the tickets are sold out fast. Fee: 10SD


Universal Studios: admission 66SD (week days), 72SD (weekends and public holidays)


Beaches for water sports and relaxation


Check out the latest shows and their schedule

Reaching Sentosa: arrive at harbor front MRT station, then walk (500 m), take a monorail (3SD) or take the cable car (check the price, it was expensive)

Walk: walk around the esplanade, city hall and orchard road at day time and Clarke Quay at night.

Parks and hikes: Singapore occupies many parks, the most famous is Bukit Timah if you would like to do some trekking.

Getting Around

Public transportation is very reliable,

 for buses remember to have the exact change for the fare

while for MRT the tourist pass for 8SD/day is not worth it, for single use tickets remember to refund the 1SD deposit and finally the EZ card its easy, fast and gives 15% discount on fares but it has a nonrefundable charge of 5SD.

Getting there and away

Basically, you can get to Singapore probably in every possible way

International airport, railway and roads that connects to Malaysia and as it all started as a marine port you can arrive byy boat