Los Angeles

Due to the fact of its being geographically large and extremely scattered, Los Angeles is sometimes accused of not being a city: "I think it is very wrong to call Los Angeles a 'city of many centers' - I only wish it was"

New York

New York City is the largest city in the State of New York and perhaps in all of USA. To understand its areas, we may consider that the State of NY (New York) is similar to the Governorate of Menya in Egypt which is divided to Qisms inside City of Menya (Arabic: أقسام أو أحياء) and surrounded by Markazes (Arabic: مراكز) outside the City. State of NY is divided to "counties" inside and outside the City of New York.

Each county may have one or more Cities like New York (but rarely on the same size). Because it is huge, NYC (abbreviation to New York City) is in fact made