Anyone in Montpellier-France?

Submitted by declofenac143 on Tue, 2009/04/21 - 7:48am

Hello all;
I am wondering if anyone is in Montpellier-France.
Its because i am trying to figure out what are means of transport between Montpellier and Aimargues(small french city). pls feed back ASAP.
Thanks for taking the time,

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housekeeper seeks for a job in Cairo

Submitted by birthcourse on Thu, 2009/04/16 - 4:18pm

Dear All,
My helper?at home?has a relative (30) who is looking for housekeeping work. I don't know her personally, but if she as good as mine, you can be happy!
She is Egyptian, 30 years old, living in Ain Shams (near to Heliopolis) and can go to distanced places, too.
The only point is: she can't speak any English. If you are interested to meet her, please call me at any time 010-5027117.
Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards,

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I can harldy thank you

Submitted by noha_chopin on Wed, 2009/04/15 - 5:07pm

your responses were "on time" and of great help to me
thanks dear friends . I am going to apply for nefertari British section , CBS ( British section in Thebes schools).
May be MES but I have heard that this school is collapsing now after firing the female manager.? If you have any feed back about these schools let me know.

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A kids friendly resort

Submitted by dahliazayed on Mon, 2009/04/13 - 7:39pm

I am looking for a place to have a bit of holiday with my 4yr old boy in Egypt.
Friendly , safe with fun activities for kids and hopefully with direct transportation . You know how restless kids get.
Pls also advice on best time of the year to go.
Many thx.

Egyptian Cooking tips on BBC TV show

Submitted by mo.elnadi on Wed, 2009/04/08 - 5:18pm


I hoped you might be able to help me with regards to a BBC2 food series that I am currently working on called 'What To Eat Now'. We are a seasonal food show that aims to showcase various ingredients from around the country and look into different methods and cultures of cooking them. One of our key ingredients is Broad Beans which is something we are hoping to tackle from an Egyptian perspective as they are such useful and widespread ingredients in so many Egyptian dishes.

Egyptian Consulate in Istanbul help needed

Submitted by mo.elnadi on Wed, 2009/04/08 - 5:18pm

Can you please guide me or connect me to Anyone in the group El Shella who has a contact at the Egyptian Consulate in Istanbul ??

They are giving us a hard time to finish the Visa of someone Turkish wanting a Touristic Visa for a Month, he came more than a Month ago, i was there in Istanbul, they said 3alashan khatrek we did it fast , but now he is all Alone, can't speak Arabic we meganenino, his ticket to Egypt will be cancelled if he is not ready, dated April 11th..

Thanks a million, Yasmina

hello all

Submitted by esamshaheen on Sat, 2009/04/04 - 1:21pm

Hi for all elshella groups,

I'm new in melbourne australia, and I miss having some friends
Anyone is here that is looking for new friends?