Toyota land cruiser RJ70 for sale

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I am selling my Toyota Land Cruiser RJ 70 (2doors-SWB) in perfect condition with details below:-
-Model 1988 - RJ 70
-Engine Code 22R (2366C.C, 4 cylinder)
-2 Doors
-Power Steering
- 2 spare tires
-New Monroe Shock Absorbers front & rear
-New Battery
-New Clutch
-New exhaust
I am also throughing some New & used spare parts example:
- new rear monroe shock absorbers
-New Alternator
-front & read toyota shock absorbers used only for 6 month
-used dinamo
-Carberator essterad
-2 sets of belts.
-Available also a rear air lift system  
Type of item
4x4 Car
LE 80000
For further questions please contact me via phone on # 010-5444437