Alexandria Shella outing?

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Hi everybody....
Hi ones from Alexandria, lovely people, lovely city
it's a great idea to have an outing between all
shelaweyya from Alexandria. I believe that we can
arrange this. why not you Shrin or you Remah2001 can
arrange this outing. You can announce this outing via
elShella and we can meet....let's give it a try...
What do you think?



hi shella
friendship is the best thing in the world so it is a wonderfull idea
to have an outing between all shelaweyya from alex. i suggest
engineer club in "saba basha" as a place for the meeting where the
sea and fresh air. i hope we can do it as soon as possible . may be
during april. i hope so
from mahmoud " pharaons"

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Salamo 3alekom ..

Any News Sahar & Moe about this suggestion for Alex Trip for all Shellaweya to gather together again !! I think it's really a great Suggestion for all of us
.. let's give it a try !!

Akram :)

**Comment From the Moderators**
Best of Luck to Alex Shellaweyya in organizing a successful outing, it would be great if they would pick a weekend and let us know date & place ahead of time so Cairo Shellaweyya can try to be there too !! :) Moe and I will be happy to meet with our Alex branch members. In a next email, we will send out the GENERAL RULES FOR PUBLIC SHELLA OUTINGS so things will be clear to everyone. In the meantime, can we please ask Alex Shellaweyya to appoint a contact person who is resposnsible for all the preparations and send us the info so we can help you organize according to Shella rules and standards. We wish you a great time, and we hope to be able to meet you insha'allah. Sahar & Mohamed El-Nadi, Founders & Moderators.

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Hi Mahmoud,
Nice that ur interested to gather the eskandaraneya shellaweya :)
but i don't agree with u to meet in Nady el mohandessen..sherine
Ramzy once suggested to meet in Zahran ..or any club ..sporting ,
smouha..this would be better.don't u think ?
What do u think ya alexandrian shellaweya ?

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Hello Shella,
I do agree with you mahmoud...April, spring
time..isn't it a great idea. I wish all nice and sweet
friends from elShella-Alexandria would be there at the
Engineers, let us setup a date and a time.
Cherine Ramzy

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hello mahmoud and Heba remha cherine and all shellawya in Alex
mahmoud you just read my mind about the idea for going out so I
invite all shellawya in Alex for the meeting in the end of this week
in engineering club it is nice place and we can know each other what
do you think all.

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Hi Shellawya in Alex ,
would you please arrange time and date for the`meeting , indeed cool idea , El.Moohandseen club is good place , you all just set the precise date & time , . Just we all shellaya in Alex to meet at the first time is a cool idea regardless of the place , and we can choose places either zahran or any other club in the next meetings in.shaa2 allah , but to make the first step is the most important , also what is suitable for all skandarania - shellawya - as place as the majority decide will be better then we can arrange for other places next time ... am I right Heba or not .... Best regards for you all .hope to see all soon

Shellawyee askandaranee 3alatool :):)
Abdallah .

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