Egyptian Cooking tips on BBC TV show

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I hoped you might be able to help me with regards to a BBC2 food series that I am currently working on called 'What To Eat Now'. We are a seasonal food show that aims to showcase various ingredients from around the country and look into different methods and cultures of cooking them. One of our key ingredients is Broad Beans which is something we are hoping to tackle from an Egyptian perspective as they are such useful and widespread ingredients in so many Egyptian dishes.

I hoped you might be able to send an email to your group members on my behalf to see if anyone would be interested in the project and potentially doing some cooking with us. We are very keen to find someone who cooks Egyptian dishes, but not someone who is a chef or a anything professional like that. We would just like to find someone interested in Egyptian receipes and hopefully with some tips and tricks of their own.

If you have any questions let me know, but anyone interested can contact me at .

Thanks for any help you can provide.

All the best



This sounds very interesting. can you tell me more about how you plan to do this? i am an Egyptian, with a passion for cooking. i have a variety of recipes to cook a specific type of food. and of course, broad beans is no exception.

the reason i am asking about your plans is that i would like to help any way i can - even if this help could be in translation or such; but in order not to lead you on, i first have to know if it will be possible for me to do so. details as time, location, and method would help shed some light.

meanwhile let me wish you all the best, and may you achieve a huge success in your endeavor.


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