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Dear Shellaweya,

Hope you are doing well,

Well, I would like to share with you something I have been facing may be for around 5 years or more so far, I have been suffering from a sever insomnia that almost destroy my days.

Regardless of the sleeping place, time, conditions or the efforts I exert, I stay wakeful at night with very distributing few sleeping hours,my normal average sleeping hours fro me is 5 hours per day, and they are not consecutive.

The reason being that, that whenever I put my head on the pillow, I find a flood of scary and worrying ideas come to my mind and those ideas are a mix of thoughts of old memories, lost opportunities, regrets, fears, bad experiences, they are increasing horribly day after day as a result of a number of surrounding problems, challenges and fears I face and unfortunately have no hand to change or control, , and without getting into details of those thoughts, I still feel that God granted me a lot of blessings I am thankful for, but still I can not control my fears, and close that thinking door

Yet the sleeping problem is slowly killing me, it ruins my days, I awake everyday , tired , pale ,losing concentration, I go work everyday barely can achieve my duties as off the accompanied feeling of being fatigue, and losing the appetite of doing anything that previously used to make me happy

Some of my friends advised me that this is an early symptom of depression and advised me to visit a psychiatric, however I am not into this solution, as I know the reasons behind my case.

I have been trying different healthy medicines and sleeping aids, but by time they lost their effect, and when I use a strong medicine, it gets me extremely tired as if I am an addict who is totally losing concentration and reacting slowly.

I tried to exercise and walk, drink hot milk or hot beverage and herbs, before sleeping, but again no result, still awake!

And by the way, I am writing this email at 4: 23 am, Cairo timing, as I awake up suddenly without no reason, as usual.

I do not know why I wrote these thoughts, I have been hiding them for so long, may be I am seeking a solution, or may be I wanted to speak loudly, or just for sharing experience.

Thank you all,


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Hi Amira!

i just saw your message as i woke up earlier today and just wanted to tell you that i know how you feel as it is bugging my own relative as a lot of scarey situations push the button that let my own relative can't stop talking and can't sleep all night and day and that comes in periods as not all days,so it is not bad at all to tell how you feel and what makes your life buzz and bugged because of this situation.i know that you will get rid of this condition if you start writing your own thoughts in a personal diary and try to write every scarey moment you feel in this diary and try to think about how much God loves you and that nothing bad will ever happen to you while you are asleep or at night.keep yourself open to life and try to occupy your day or offday work with charities or try to do whatever makes you feel better like practicing any kind of sports and know that whatever will happen it is ment to be.wish you get better and always be in good health.

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Dear Amira;

I have seen some people going through the very same symptoms, and thanks god, they are out of it now and doing well.

In addition to the spiritual side that some of us miss, there is also something called NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programming) and TLT  (Time line therapy). These two types of therapy are used to help people get out of similar situations. should you be interested in knowing about it more; you are welcome to contact me off list, and I may be able to help in a construvtive way.



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Dear Amira,

i am not an expert but from what i hear from you now i guess you are suffering from severe case of "Anxiety" you are terribly and extremely worried nevertheless you did not forgive yourself for your past regrets or wrongs that you did
you did not peacefully accept the fact and the truth that this was "naseeb" and elhamdolla learn from it and continue
nothing happens to you is bad for you, may be you feel bad about things but always look at the bright side of it
don't prison yourself inside these thoughts, they haunt you and they chase away your comfort and sleep
For God's sake start living you present and forget about whatever happened in the past
Do you think that by worrying and staying up at night you would undo anything in the past or that would help you not to repeat anything that caused you any sadness or pain???
Dear get over it, LIVE, it is never too late believe me. Figure out what triggered all this anxiety and made you recall all your worrying ideas and eliminate it from your life. Don't think about bad memories and make new delightful memories to think about.
exercising, hot milk, medications are not gonna cure your anxiety
the solution of a psychiatrist is more sound for you but you're not into it so u must get rid of your fears and anxiety on your own and i advise you to use your friends to help you with that

Warm Regards

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