Intranet ... Really Dazzling

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Dear Shellawya,

As I'm always in a mess due to my loving company, I've a question that I'd
like sharing with you and I hope that you provide me a clue as I can't get
it from responsible within my GREAT company :D

The issue that I've been nominated to be a spoc for my department in
intranet project. Inside the intranet many areas that 've to fill , I can
understan easily what to do about announcement, policies& procedures and
forms, but still we have a kind of newsletter related to each department
which I don't know actually what to write in it. What kind of news about the
department that should be shared with other with consideration that my
department is one of those which are service providers for other employees.
As well social news, new comers or outings are included in another section

I hope I clarify my mind somehow, hope you can give me a clue whereas the
project responsible didn't :D

as usual (crazy nona)

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