Need Help for Serbian Friend

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Dear Shellawaya,

may all of you be good and well always
i have a Serbian friend who is a qualified English teacher with experience
she is in bad need for work in a decent place
she is already working Leaders language school teaching sciology for american diploma but she is have very hard time there
they never gave her her full salary besides no system at all
she needs to teach part time/full time instructor in a training center for afternoon
or another good language school instead of the one she is working at now for morning
any help would be appreciated


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Dear Ola,

Hope my email fined u well,

kindly be informed that we ( AMIDEAST) r looking for new teachers part time and full time so, here is my Email ask her to send her CV to my business Email account. This offer not for Ola?s friend only but for all shelaweya members.

Nasser Seif

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