Ideas hit my mind

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Dear Shelawaya,

Good morning, as I'm writing in the early morning of Sunday which is the 1st
day of Feb the 1st day of the week - the working week- don't know what or
why I'm writing that and why specially now but I'm so down and I'd like
talking to you. Actually I'm working in one of the well-known companies and
it's supposed to be on the biggest. I spent in this company one year till
now and actually I'm facing a hell of problems with people. Really they are
aggressive and attacking for no reason , can't tell you that each morning I
hit my area door I whispered to myself ( ya rab 3ady el youm 3la khir). I
know all work has its ads and minuses but working with bad people is a real
big minus however career path imposes some other criteria while evaluating

Furthermore, another idea hits my mind is about the marriage. Upon looking
around me I find a million bad marriage case and can't find a real good one
and the blame is directed to both parties not only men or women, I kept
saying why should I think of marriage , I'm enjoying my life without extra
responsibilities. weekends are mine, I can go cinema freely after work. I
can stop talking to the whole world when I'm out of mood. I don't have
family obligations. I can go home after work and just sleep upon praying
without preparing the house or making a meal. Then I find others tell me you
will feel how bad it is to be alone when you get older more and more and I
think is it true. The moment I feel I need a partner when I need to talk to
someone who belongs to me really whom if i talk to and blame what bothers me
I won't feel I'm a burden.

These are so confusing ideas just hit my mind at the beginning of the day
and I'd like sharing them with you. I even can't say I'm happy or down but
what I'm sure of I'm not one of those who wanna spending a neutral life and
I do my best not to be.

Crazy nona

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hi crazy nano :)
I'll talk to u about marriage which i have experience in it because I am married & have a Little girl.

it's really about the two partner they make it work or they don't & both of them together , & it's really not that bad it works "not all the time akeeeeeed" but it will go on & for sure when u go older u will need someone to share in life but even now don't u miss the male partner in ur life? think.... do u really need the 2nd part & yes they are our 2nd part & we r there 2nd part even if u think ur life is perfect & u need nothing what about ur feelings, love & femininity feelings , yes u will have a lot of responsibilities but only ur partner & the feelings between both of u will make the different.
have fun

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Dear Noona,
Sometimes everyone of us passes through these down time during which one feels totally unhappy and unfulfilled. We pass it on regular basis.

Everywhere you will find bad people but don't care, be rational, wise and neutral with every body. I don't know the nature of your career so I might advise you.

As far as marriage is concerned, I believe a woman can build her own career and her own society and friends circles.


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GooD morning to you, and i wish "en enhrda 3aDa 3ala 7'eir, 2olo ya RaaaaaaB
:) "

i just read your mail dalida, u talked about 2 Topics I've been facing for 2 years now. the first is work environment and how it affects my life, the second is marriage is it good or bad.

i've been asking my friends the past few years the same question "do u
prefer a better work environment or better salary ?" each and everyone of them replies a different answer based on his personality, previous experiences and his definition to work environment.

i actually hate to go to work every morning to fight. i hate nervous
people, i like facing problems and solving them but i don't like this to be my daily job routine specially if am dealing with aggressive people.

so that is your choice to move to a calmer place and enjoy your work, "it's not related to your career", or you stay at your current work and try to enjoy those aggressive, hard to deal with people. .... work is simple and solvable,

for the second part of your mail which is about marriage, lately I've seen many unsuccessful marriage cases, also I've seen successful ones. but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get married, i totally agree that marriage is a headache, but it's the managerial section of your personal career path.

to avoid the the unsuccessfully marriage casses,

Step one: Choose the right person "collect the right resumes, interview him well, measure his psycho-metrics, interview again.

Step two "accepted as a fiancée": start the training sessions to adjust his personal attitudes and measure his reflexes. p.s he is still in the proposition period either continue with him or fire him from your life as he is not adjusting his attitude.

Step three "getting married and enjoying your work": since you have well choosed and created your ideal husband then it's it's time for you to MANAGE, and always remember my this quote that i figured after my first year of marriage "marriage is like new shoes, hard to wear in the first 3 days but in the 4rth you'll get used to it, omar seif 2007" and always underline "you will get used to it" cause it's Super difficult to change anything after the second step.

at the end dalida, it was my personal pleasure that you shared your personal thoughts with us "shellaweya", hope my mail brought some light in the darkness or @least drawn a smile on someone's face, never hesitate to reply :).

Omar Seif,

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Well Well, el yom 3ada 3la khir and we begin a new day ( ya rab y3de hwa
kman ) , this is how things go I just like them to go, Omar you say it's my
choice maybe you are correct to a certain point , though I'm a girl and single
I still have so many financial obligations as well I've exceeded 8 years
experience which makes it a bit hard to find much more vacancies to move
among specially in the phase of financial crisis we are facing now. I like
how you analyse the issue of marriage maybe it's correct and maybe it's
wrong, actually this is a totally not guaranteed issue but you display it in
a nice practice that I may follow if it happens and I meet my right one.

Mohamed you are correct you can build a circle of friends and million
activity but sometimes- not usually - you may need that special one whom belongs only to you but this feelings may vanish upon thinking of the million problem that may come out of it .

I know it seems dark but I'm not dark I just mmmm you can say share up my mind with shellawya

Thanks for interacting :D

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Hay nona

How r u doing now .. well.. i have same thoughs and feeling as u
do .. i think my life is in the exact situation ur life is .. but
beleive me in all cases u will feel this feeling .. the feeling of
being lost or confused or bored .. having a partner or get married in
not the solution .. coz simply he is a human .. sometimes he can be
tired or feeling lost or bored same as u ..

My point is every scenario of life will have its different scenario
of problems .. so u may b have the chance to choose which problem u
can live with :) and sometimes u do not have that chance :)

Dear nona .. what i do keep reminding myself with is: i am the only
charger of myself ... so motivate urself .. and enjoy what u have in
hands :) coz .. c'est la vie :)

Ghadir .

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Well Nona,
You said you are Crazy Nona, so if what I'll tell you would sound crazy you can embrace.

Work with bad people needs two tactics.
1. Be Aware of what is happening , and be prepared.
Ex: you attend a meeting for a project, send email with all of what has been agreed upon as soon as you are out of the meeting room CC all the stakeholders and your boss. Even if there is someone writing the meeting minutes. Even if there were nothing yet you agreed upon... write that down in an email.

Emails are formal documents use them wisely to your benefit.

2. Bribe with decency & food.
stock your drawers with chocolate, gums, biscuits and give it away to anyone bothers you. they will feel intimidated. believe me this is tried and true. Also never to give up your smile no matter what.

Marriage ya Dalia is the responsibility of the married people .
Marriage like good idea in the world could easily be twisted & abused.
So take your time, and CHOOSE well according to your feelings, background and the lifestyle you want to maintain.

Do not turn a good man for being free, Honey on this earth, there is no Freedom! There is a price of everything. and as well forget totally to get married just because you are getting old and you are afraid not to meet Mr.Right. All my divorced friends were like that.

And Last thing, whenever you feel bad ask yourself " Is that problem that brought me down would affect my life the next 10 years??!!
If not, then it's minor and is not worth your precious mind and your valuable Life time.

Cheer :-)

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Dear Nona,
Why it took you so long to stop and think of those 2 things though it's very common around :))

I can explain the first one, you work on one of the biggest, every member there either greedy enough to climb on other's shoulder or over protective not to lose his/her position. Both will lead to escalation and then conflicts. That's my daily life.

Try to lose something to gain other things, you can't win everything EVEN IF YOU EARN IT.


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Hello Noha- Hello everybody here,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. something about your message. made me contemplate for a while before I decide to send my reply.

Just like you I am single girl, who has to consider a lot whenever a marriage proposal is made and that is for 2 reasons :

1. What we see and hear all the time about marriage in our community, it is only "NEGATIVE" messages, which can easily frustrate any sane person to take the step! Guys are becoming so selective and demanding in a way that makes marriage an impossible achievement, yet married people are not happy.. so stay unmarried to remain happy and unchallenged !

2. As we grow old not marrying; the independence issue becomes more complicated and harder to give-up, the more you age as single and get more control on your life, the more the decision of giving up all that - or at least a good portion - becomes difficult.

However; I still have hope and strongly believe that: every thing happens for a reason .

I have had a terrible year working for a British construction company, and I know exactly how you feel getting into your work place every morning praying for things to go well... now that I moved to another company with a lot better environment and culture I believe it was necessary to spend that year in the other company. the things I learnt there, like working under massive stress and dealing with so difficult management has added a lot to my personality in a way that makes most of the challenges I go through now just easy!

My advice to you will be to focus more on your work quality, and at the same time develop your skills to be able to find better opportunity.

Please, never give-up hope that you can find what you deserve in both marriage and work. Insist to find it, look for it, pray for it, some hard work + hope + FAITH can make it all come true..
Now please cheer up for me :)

Love to all,

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Greetings Nona and everyone. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Nona...I have really liked your message because I felt it really relates to me. However, I think my situation is quite different from most people as my fate had an interesting twist.

Following my graduation I have started to work for this elite company...and I was literally taking double the salary of any of my short, I was blinded by the money...and unfortunately this turned out to be one of the worst decisions that I have taken in my life. As you might expect..I have dealt with the most aggressive people on the was more like slavery than work....I really can't imagine the number of hours that I have put into many cases I used to return home at 3 or 4 AM!! I remember a situation where I have slept around 4 hours in the past 2 days..I found myself in a really odd situation whereby I was making lots of money but I didn't have the time to spend it!

At a certain stage in my life I couldn't take it anymore..I felt physically and emotionally shattered by the stress till salvation came from God in the most unexpected way. I won a scholarship to study in the USA...and went there and had 2 wonderful years..actually the best 2 years in my life. When I was there I thought about the whole situation and promised myself I'll never ever do that to myself again. I will not make money blind me or become a slave for position, prestige, money, or whatever. Since then, my philosophy in life was Shady comes first, meaning that I will free myself from any stress.

Unfortunately, when I returned back from the US, I have faced the same aggressive situation once again..but this time with no money lol :-) so this time I decided enough is enough and took the decision to leave the country and simply start a new life from scratch!! I ended up here in Sydney, Australia where I am located right now.

Last year I was offered the dream job...a Manager's job at Dell Computers...which is one of the most iconic brands worldwide..I thought that's an impressive addition to my career and CV..the salary was great as well. However, shortly after joining I discovered it was more of Hell than Dell lol :) As an Egyptian I have faced tremendous cultural challenges..for instance my manager was in Singapoure while my team was scattered all across China, India, Malasia, etc..but unfortunately once again it was a very agressive culture and I was quite I have decided to resign without hesitation as I wanted to respect my promise to myself...I thought I would regret it but actually I didn't regret it at all! I think it was an excellent decision.

My advice is as follows: God is the one who gives 'rizk' so put your faith in God and have no worries about the future...things will work out in ways that you'll never my scholarship in the US..I didn't have the slightest idea that all of my problems will be solved in 2 weeks only..all what you have to do is to work hard 'sa3y' and leave the rest for God ISA...and guess what..after leaving Dell I had another offer with a much higher salary from another multinational...but unfortunately few months after joining my job was terminated because of the economic situation...just like the movies in the most unexpected way...I went to work and my manager told me he wanted to talk with me for 5 min. In those 5 min he effectively told me in a polite way 'please pack and go now' - no explanatoin and without any wrong doing on my side. Yet this did not shake me for a second or make me feel sorry for myself as I have real faith in doing my part and
leaving the rest for God ISA.

My sincere advice is: Put the coin above your head, it will take you down. If you put it under your shoes it will lift you up. It's your choise. I have made mine long time ago and I feel much much happier now.

Regarding marriage:
I also feel what you are saying...I'm very happily single here in Sydney and I'm really enjoying my life here and dont feel I need anything. Yet, everyone is hammering me about getting married and I have no idea why people are putting so much pressure on that. Even my friends are really giving me a hard time about marriage...I remember a friend of mine here has threatened to take back his playstation game that I have borrowed because as he sees it I'm spending too much time on it and not taking care of myself.

My advice is don't let anyone on the planet decide what will make you happy or not. People are not you and althought they give you hard time because they care about you this does not necessary mean that they can see things from your perspective..they only see things from their side.

Last month I was in Egypt...and I was under so much pressure from family and friends and this has really ruined my vacation.....however, life has taught me to listen to others and to respect their advices yet at the end of the day make my own mind regarding what I want or don't want in my life :)

Have a pleasent day :)


Shady Hassan
Sydney, Australia

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Dear dalida
please try to relax. for the work situations, you , surely, will find good and bad people, try to select the real personm who has the same chemistry like you. God bless you.
Dr. A. Z. Gomaa

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Dear Nona,Omar ,Ghadir & all shellaweyas,

I really can not thank u enough for your emails ,Nona for ur sharing us what is in ur mind & what u face in ur work,i wanna say i'm crazy ,maybe more than u :),and all that thoughts i can not stop thinking of it.Work,marriage & specially people,i discovered that dealing with people is soooo difficult as for of course ,i do not know why,i think people become worse more & more,but i know in my heart & as our profet said that there are good people too untill the end of life.
i just want to tell u for an EX. ,my previous job was not perfect but,it was good according to the enviroment & friends,i mean i think as every body knows & as Omar said before, this is the realty & as i saw: even u choose between salary or enviroment!!!Yep,this is life :( nothing is perfect.
so u have to choose anything with its advantages & disadvantages as it suits u of course.You may accept a thing with its disadvantages that it not suitable for me to accept & V.V.

Anyway ,i thought maybe i have something wrong in my mind,but thx God,i think i'm normal Al hamd Allah
Thx to all of u & God bless
A. ^ ^

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dear Nona,
TAke it Easy ya Baota....
it is clear that your are in a bad mood, just calm down and take a ong breath and thnk in another way..think that you have a good career in a big company that many wish to get one like yours...and regarding to the bad people arround you ...they are everywhere...i get an advise from my boss before because i faced the same in my work...forget the cimestry between yu and that bad people and deal with them in a very cold way and ignore sakhfathom and do you work and no matter if they don't like you ..because it is not necessary to beloved person in your work specially if people arround you have bad mannars ..and focus only with good coleagues only and be sure that who have bad mannars heat all people and all people heat them even it is not clear to you. i know working in that such enviroment is like a hell but if this is the fact? deal with it and don't blame yourself to get nice days in your work.
regarding to your second thought of marriage..look dear wen i was single i felt the same like you exactelly...taht i'm free do what ever i want i have no responsibility except mine...but when you look arround you and u find urself alone and other has their own life and they have kids u will feel sad for sue that i's time to have your life too, and their alot of sucessful marriage ..and be sure that all marriage has good and bad advantages and it advatages supeior than its disadvantages, and all depends on your choice not in marriage itself...
Finally dear, as i told you u r in a bad mood ..just change a little your day routine, and take my advise go and do shopping and call a best friend you have a nd go out....and think that you are not alone in this life who face these feelings before, God Bless you

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Actually I don't know how to comment all these lovely msgs I got from you. I
think I will be a bad person if i said I feel lonely after all these massive
replies from you but sometimes one of us say a thing - as I did - " so
humble :D" and it opens million channel for all to share their eperience ,
this is what I like that maybe I'm alone as a person but at least there are
million one share me the same feeling or understand what is inside me.
Love you all really
carzy nona :D

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This is perfect idea and I do agree with you. I have the same experience of
successful marriage over 32 yrs in spite of all ups & downs

Thanks and best regards,

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Hello Nona ,

mmmmmm you know it has been a very longtime since my sharing in shellaweya....but your mail was like the silent dilema that i have inside me and trying to keep it inside and reading your mail made me saw it 3d infront of me.....

i will start wiz the career path....well i shifted ma career into something related to it but having some creativity which i like more ....after few years i felt bored and some hesshess came to ma mind and made me think of going back to the main career or shift to a brand new one...i was really getting crazy crazy..... dancing on the stairs....cant go up or down and start in a new stair :)
till finalllly finally i realised that meeting hard steps and getting electerically shocked from the aliens(aliens are the upnormal aggressive ppl that you might meet in work...streets
everywhere and specially work)its i have to decide what i really want and which path i wanna and try to find work where the window that make such ppl pass to me would be little bit limited.....yess to deal wiz but in a very short quick unpainful way....
so when iam searching for work now i know what i wanna and iam trying to reach it....i hope so :)esa
but you know after all these years i believe now that if you work in a peaceful respectful environment and your career path steps are little bit slow is much much better than being in an aggressive environment and having quick steps in ur path.....cos being stressed from such ppl wont make u feel the taste of getting forward as you always have a big headache and everyday is a war.....

mmm for the second issue....actually i agree wiz what you said and what many said.....
specially that you talked about a very important part that i feel exactly like you...which is at
sometimes your soul needs its missing part ....that you need to talk wiz this one and noone else will fit the place either friends nor family.....that sometimes a silent shout inside keep saying (i wish u were here)such painful moment i pass with at specific time......
i used to believe that he will come oneday ....iam not waiting for him but wishing it would come suddenly with no plans just come and knock the door of ma soul and i simply open but now these days i dont know what happened to me but even this wish is nolonger around....its not feeling hopeless but i dont know whats going on with me ....i feel like iam paused ......i turned off ma mind from everything and i cant turn it on....i lost the place of the buttom :)))iam getting crazy?mmm may be....
i reached point that i wanna see new ppl i dont wanna go wiz ppl i know as iam the loser in all cases and any outgoing i simply come back more stressed and not relaxed....

as going out
with married friends you either listen to the children`s issues....etc...
or the complain of the responsabilities and the problems that make u feel you got engagged and married? and got divorced alllll while you sitting in ur place.....

and if you go with singles then its your bad they start the normal complain or the talks about whom proposed and this one is selfish and this one isnt gentleman or this one his mam ....ohhhhhhhhh etc...etc...etc.....

always ppl got blind from what they have and their sight only goes to wt they dont....
ma7adesh merta7.....neither singles or its better to live the current moment
nowadays iam trying to choose whom i can go out with and? i can get bk hom rellaxed and feeling that i really changed...and el7amdollelah iam enjoying the turn off mood for a while.....

sorry nona i talked alot but your mail was like the spark that made my fire?
enjoy your life and enjoy being wiz YOU and iam certain that the best is yet to come inshaalah :)))



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Dear Nona and all friends

First i am very proud of your attitude which if differs from one another but it all express the faith and rational thinking. God Bless You All

I will participate with my advise based on my experience in such cases
I am an owner of a medium size reputable company so i will tell you as an insider ..

work environment can rarely be friendly or fair even if the management claimed that. Whatever the size of the company, the owner or management will never sacrifice the success, profit and glory for the sake of employees comfort and happiness.

So.. what can work for you i believe is be inspired by this challenge and act competitive, do your best to excel cause you will be the winner at end if not in this company but in another for your performance and competitiveness. In a later stage you will find your self may be able to start your own business or find your way to heaven starting from your weakness and depression, beat it and do not wait for anyone to help.. I had the same situation, i worked for a company and when i felt depressed from others deeds i decided to fight and it worked thanks GOD, now i am the owner of my own business..


God bless you
Khaled El Basha

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*Dear freinds,*
*I had a chance to read your dialogue about your Ideas that hit your minds.
This freind who suffers from difficult people at work or around her shouold
know how to (Focus) on her work and keep herself away from those (devils)
difficult people. When they know that she is furious about their attitude
they continue or at least they are really like difficult.*
*To save one's neck Focus on your work. Set a plan, set your goals and
celebrate your acheivements by saying "I acheived my goals and deserve a
reward!" and get a sweet or a candy for your self with a cup of tea or so. I
do this for myself and I get excited about it, I even dance between myself
sometimes! I feel exteremly happy and I keep saying to myself: good boy, you
deserve it!*
*At this point I forgive anybody who did any harm to me simply because I
avoided him/her and succeded in continuing my work with the least hassel and
pressure and brought good results to myself, my boss, and my organization.
what elese do you want?*
*Have a nice day.*
Atef Mostafa El-Hoteiby
Special Sales & Marketing Manager
Instructor of Marketing & Mass Communication
The American University in Cairo Press
113 Kasr El-Aini Street, Down Town, Cairo
Office: (00202) 2 797 6891
Fax: (00202) 2 794 1440
Cell: (00202) 010 50 80 105

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Dear Nona, and All
This is the first time I contribute in this forum, I found the
subject very interesting and impacting all of us. I have "hand on
experience" on both of the 2 points so I wanted to share.

1-Work: Since I graduated 12 years Ago, I worked in small
organizations, big organizations till I opened my Own Software
company. I know exactly what is the feeling of someone who parks
his/her car, enters his office saying "SATRAK YA RAB". I had this
feeling before, and I am Fighting with myself , being an owner
managing a staff of 30 engineers to have this feeling inside my
company. In general the more the Organization is "Apparently" Elite,
big, process based, rich, etc, the more you will suffer inside. But
without going into non-necessary details, I just want to drive your
attention into a little thing, here it is:
"When your manager looks at you badly in the morning, this might be
because you didn't do a nice report a day ago, or because "merato
metala3a 3eino at home", If you will look at it from the first angle
you will tremble, if you will take it from the second angle, you will
just laugh!..Are you sure that your mind is NOT exaggerating the
troubles you are facing in your work? Yes, you are FACING TROUBLES,
this is true, but please "step behind a little" and think, your mind
might be multiplying it by a big factor. I would suggest that you
"Take it more easy" like what other colleagues said, there are tons of
books these days discussing only How "Negative thoughts" can really
multiply these non healthy emotions.

2-Marriage: Please consider the following .. Marriage is an ONGOING
story, so you can't take decisions now, while you are at your 20s,
with your 20s inputs!!!! Your decisions will change when you reach
30s, 40s, 50s. etc? You are now Qualifying things based on your
freedom, this is your main factor , or your most important input at
the moment, but life changes because if you were 60s (say), Freedom
doesn't have a value, while having someone beside has a value!
By any mean, Marriage is a "PACKAGE", you lose freedom, you gain
Partnership! You lose decisions, you win family and kids. Is it a
successful Package? For MOST people, it is!

Thanks for Reading

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Dear All

I?am? very? glad? to? be? a member? of? your? group.

I? really? need? your? help? in finding? a post? in? the? field? of? shipping? and? Logistics

Iam? Abachlor? of? English? section? Arts? Faculty?

And gained? a good? expericence? in shipping? Including? Import? And? Export?


From: Atef El Hoteiby
To: ""
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 9:58:37 AM
Subject: [el-shella] +Re:Ideas hit my mind

*Dear freinds,*
*I had a chance to read your dialogue about your Ideas that hit your minds.
This freind who suffers from difficult people at work or around her shouold
know how to (Focus) on her work and keep herself away from those (devils)
difficult people. When they know that she is furious about their attitude
they continue or at least they are really like difficult.*
*To save one's neck Focus on your work. Set a plan, set your goals and
celebrate your acheivements by saying "I acheived my goals and deserve a
reward!" and get a sweet or a candy for your self with a cup of tea or so. I
do this for myself and I get excited about it, I even dance between myself
sometimes! I feel exteremly happy and I keep saying to myself: good boy, you
deserve it!*
*At this point I forgive anybody who did any harm to me simply because I
avoided him/her and succeded in continuing my work with the least hassel and
pressure and brought good results to myself, my boss, and my organization.
what elese do you want?*
*Have a nice day.*
*=========== ========= ========
Atef Mostafa El-Hoteiby
Special Sales & Marketing Manager
Instructor of Marketing & Mass Communication
The American University in Cairo Press
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Dear Nona and all great members,

It has been a long time till i got free time to check the shella inbox, and by coincidence yesterday i checked it and was soo confused when i read the mail of nona, because it sounded like i was the one who wrote it. i am going through exactly exactly the same state since the last two weeks, but guess what, before i read your replies, I almost decided to quit my job for i can not take this aggressive sneaky environment anymore (specially after i got promoted after a very short while of getting hired because my boss thinks i have great potentials for management in the organization i work in).

However, after i read all your replies and i mean all of it ... i am reconsidering my decision. But some other time i think like.. what the heck?? i still live with my parents, i have no financial obligations so i say to myself why don't you resign, go to the club every morning, read some new books, make a membership in a nice gym we khalass ... walla career walla competitive environment .. will i be missing much ... ???

asl bardo... when i see my bosses and people whom i suppose to look for and wish to be like them one day ... I hate being like them sooo much, they are the most sad people i have ever seen, they have no social or emotional life what soo ever, they forgot how to speak their minds sooooo long ago ... gave up a lot of their beliefs and ethics and a lot of other scarifies they had to make in order to be in these places .... So, what is the career all about?

I hope I make any sense to you because i am so confused myself :)

Thanks and best regards,

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