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society. Whilst I am not an economist or demographer, my reaction is one of
suspicion and empathy; an economy that is experiencing such high level of
official unemployment seems to be in serious trouble and some sections of
the society are taking advantage of a large group of the lower
socio-economically disadvantaged.

That is, everyone consumes, even the unemployed, so some who are employed and are in control of the machinery of production, are soaking up the fair share that might otherwise go the disadvantaged equitably. On top of this, market forces that might be expected to correct this imbalance, are being distorted somehow.

At this juncture I guess that I should ask some questions to clear the fog
that I have about the Egyptian society, as I must admit to a general level
of ignorance: -

Is there any social security support for the unemployed and is this periodic
amount equal to or greater than the official poverty level income?

Are there any government or NGO programs operating to assist the disadvantaged to obtain gainful employment?

Are there specific groups that are being a disproportionate burdened by the

Is there a general concept of social justice within your society, and how does it manifest itself socially?

Are there philanthropic organisations operating within your society, and how
effective are they?

What is the effect of this high level of unemployment on the GDP of Egypt?

Does Egypt import it's unemployment?

A lot of 'shellaweya' who identify themselves as professionals, seem to be
located offshore and without any intent in the immediate future of
returning. Is there a 'brain drain' of young professionals who see no
opportunity of being rewarded by staying at home?

Does the state encourage women with families to go out to work, through direct financial incentives or indirect, such as subsidised childcare facilities?

Are single mothers assisted to stay at home or encouraged to work, financially or socially?

What initiatives have been instituted to address the economic slump over the
last three years, as mentioned in the article? Are economic reforms in hand?
Is state fiscal policy influencing this economic situation in a positive

Does the state budget for a deficit, and how large is this relative to other
similar economies?

What is the status of the state's current account?

I don't have the answers but it seems to an observer on the sidelines, that
if nothing is done to address this situation from within, then probably
someone will control the situation from without.

Regards, Ernest Treagus.