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other, and we are just giving ourselves some time and space (away from the noise and
PRESSURES of a group ) to explore and define these feelings: is it attraction ?
fascination ? or something that could be or turn to love?

A few weeks should be enough for that , unless there are complications , like one side is
attracted to someone else at the same time .
Once we determine that love is involved , we go to the next step : Engagement .

During engagement , we go deeper into our feelings , make SURE there is no hesitation or
mixup , and also important , get a deep knowledge of the other character and know if we
can live with that FOREVER ...well , a long time , anyway:)

Not every person we fall in love with we can live forever , day in-day out ,with .

I do agree that dating "forever" is not right. It means we want to have a "significant
other" without any commitment.
On the other hand going from "I like that girl" to sitting with Dad and popping the
question is a gap I would not attempt to jump over in one step .

I am just theorizing here , people .

Take it easy


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