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I have also observed that these same men when they deal with foreign women, they are respectful, considerate, take her rights into consideration ...I have always pondered why is that so ? When an Arab woman wants to claim her rights be it christian or muslim , she is automatically labelled one way or another , but when a foreign woman does it it is ACCEPTABLE . As if we arab women have to always and constantly try to prove/argue/fight our way to LEGITIMIZE our Being in the eyes of Arab men . I am sure this will raise a few eyebrows and reactions in the readers , but ALL THE BETTER !

Now concerning mixed marriages of different religious backgrounds, I also have a comments to make in particular to Amani. She mentions that it is ok for a man to marry a foreigner but not a woman. Her reading of the Koranic verse is literal and not in depth. I have met some non muslim guys who were more islamic than so called muslims. So if Faith is an inside job and faith and no action is like a piece of an old towel thrown back from the Creator onto us then It is not enough to say I am a muslim or Christian or whatever , One needs to act it . And acting it does not mean only prayers ,rituals and claiming cultural heritage , Acting one's faith means TRUTH with oneself , clarity of intent and constantly putting oneself into question and searching for all those hidden parts where faith does not exist.This is what faith is all about . Religion comes from the latin word to reconnect to the Divine and this is what religion is all about . RECONNECTING to the DIVINE inside and outside .

I am sorry if this mail is dragging on , but I feel there is more to say and
moderators please bear with me .
Now when it comes to mixed marriages , there are certain rules to follow as
in all couples relationships:
1) tolerance
2) TOTAL HONESTY about one's needs and wants and desires
3) a compatibility match . If religious and cultural issues are really a stumbling block then they will remain a stumbling block throughout the relationship unless someone gives in . But if both partners feel they need to hold on tight to their values and beliefs then it is best to leave this relationship and find someone who is more compatible with one';s beliefs . A little note for Lucia - I think giving up pork is not such a bad idea since Pork is really a very unhealthy meat to start with due to fat content . As for the wine , well for me Wine is no big deal if one is not addicted to it and is not a raving alcoholic . I once had a patient who was very strict religiously , and was having an affair with another woman . He would talk endlessly about how alcohol is bad . Then I remarked to him that in his religion Adultery is punisheable by death but drinking is not .... That made him think twice about his affair ....

In the end , I need to say , and thank you all for your patience , that Most
people deform religious beliefs to suit their own needs and explain some of
their others . At the end of the Day , God is our ultimate judge and we will
be examined for our INTENTIONS, ACTS and WHAT IS IN OUR HEARTS . Bearing this in mind , a daily check of the three above, will make life much simpler and Faith much stronger .Best