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d or bad moments we shared it together so it=92s not easy in general =96 th=
at in case the relationship was strong and honest not was just for fun.

We are humans, by time we forget but we can=92t live and socialize together=
at the same spot then ask ourselves to forget feelings easily. RIGHT. We a=
re not a machine, we can=92t switch on and off.

If you see and know that he/she needs you around, needs your care and prote=
ction so how could you both get separated or divided! There is a missing pa=
rt here and you know it. Face yourself and determine what you want dear and=
it=92s not too late to know what=92s best for yourself and this is to your=
partner too. Besides, you are not involved in this alone. Well, I believe =
you both need to sit and talk or to accept the decision and live with it bu=
t don=92t give excuses because you are the only one who=92ll live in pain.