"roaccutane"- anybody familiar

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Dear Shellaweya
Hope u r all doing great and that life is treating u fairly:-)
i have an inquiry that is really crucial for me to know, i believe mainly
deramtologists can know about it. There is a drug called "roaccutane" that
is prescribed for severe and continuos acne cases. They say that it heals
this acne issue forever. I know a person who was prescribed to take this
drug for 8 months, according to calculations related to his weight (100 mg
/1 Kg). The issue is that this drug is new, and we r afraid that it might
cause long-term problems like cancer or liver defects, blood related problem
etc.... Any body advice please, the drug is realy effective but we r scared
from its unannounced long-term side effects. I got info about it from the
net but still we r scared. Thanks a lot for ur concern

* Dalia Fakhry
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
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Hi Dalia,

I am not related to health in any way, nor am i a doctor, but it just
happens to be that i came across the article below just yesterday.
That's why it rang a bell when I read your message... I don't know if
this would be applicable to the case you are talking about or if it
would be of any use to you... so I thought I would pass it on to you
to judge :)

Take care...

* Acne drug 'should be banned'

An acne drug which has been linked to teenagers' deaths should be
banned in the UK, campaigners will tell health officials on Friday.

Families will tell the Medicines Control Agency (MCA) they believe
the drug Roaccutane caused mental and physical harm to their children
and ask for its UK licence to be withdrawn, pending further research.

MCA statistics show 15 young people have committed suicide in Britain
while taking the drug.

Source: BBC

Useful link:

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Hi Dalia..hope you are doing fine..I know my reply is a bit late,but
it happened that i was having a look on the subjects previously
discussed by the group since I'm a new shellaweya,and I came across
your mail...in fact,i've been taking roaccutane since March,and i
still have a 3 months treatment,2 pills per day-12 boxes for 6 months
that may be extended to 14(usually the maximum dose allowed)...the
drug is widely known and prescribed here in lebanon,and I knew many
how had taken it and were satisfied with the results..and that was a
relief..when i first visited the dermatologist,i expressed my fear of
the side effects..he was very clear and told me it would cause slight
pain in the muscles and bones which would keep me from making any
effort or practising sport,besides some loss in energy,and of course
dryness...as for the other reported cases like committing suicide or
depression,they are very few,and relative to the mental and nervous
disposition of the person..
you certainly know that it's only for cases incurable by usual creams
or lighter drugs...you should first make a blood test to make sure
that your cholesterol and trygleceride are in the normal
averages,since "roaccutane"is likely to increase them in blood..a
blood test is required almost every month or 2...the usage of creams
on the face is not favourable because the skin becomes very sensitive
and delicate....and of course,pregnancy forbidden!
My face is much better now,dryer..you may witness the appearence of
new acn?s,which is normal..and they soon disappear..in fact,it took
me a good while to see positive results since my skin was too
greasy,which may necessiate 2 supplemetary boxes...as the doctor told
me:less energy,and immediate exhaustion at any effort(this is the
worst thing about it all)...
Ok Dalia,I hope my mail will be of any use for you..it may be very
late,and you may have started already to take it..anyways,keep me
posted and write to me soon..


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