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minded. In other words, they had the chance to think by themselves.

Afterall, it's always best for the kids to belong to two different homes
than to live in a troublesome one. But I go back to what I said earlier, the
problem starts at the moment of wedding. If marriage is to be based on the
reasons I mentioned before then it's doomed to fail. Not just marriage but
even having kids. It's not uncommon to find a recently married couple who
realized that they can't stand each other- it's not uncommon to find them
working hard to "make" a baby!!! It's not hard to guess the results.

I don't know mcuh about the situation in the Gulf states; but it sounds
more encouraging than the situation here in Egypt. In Egypt education is
nothing but a title at the end, titles are important per se. It has nothing
to do with intellectual level or mentality. But since this is not the case
in the Gulf, where titles are not a measure of social status, this means
that those women are really looking for a different mentality to the point
that they preferred to stay single.

There will be more demand for the intellectual educated man; this can stir
a change in the way Gulfans think. Great! But I hope things don't go as they
do in Egypt: men are gonna go to get, or maybe buy, some "titles".

To go back to the main issue, I think all what is happening now is a
result of the movement of emancipation of women. A movement that was aborted
by the Arab feminists themselves. Arab feminists encouraged women to be
independent, they encouraged them to work and express their minds. But
emancipated women always expected to be treated as precious "item"- a
princess, sacred and protected.

Emancipated women went out to the world and found out the hard way that
they can't get all the advantages of both lifes (hareem and emancipated).

Arab feminism failed to expect this. Arab feminists failed to envision the
compromises that have to be made andthe alternatives to be saught. As a
result traditionalists, who would interpret the results of this research as
a warning signal, benifited from the Arab feminist double standards and
their failed attempts to bridge women emancipation and religious orthodoxy.
They (traditionalists) would use such report to prove that women should go
back home, and they are on the winning side.

On the other hand, women have to realise that they have two choices,
either to back to the hareem, enjoy being treated like valuble machine, and
forgo their aspirations, or to make the best out of their present situation
and start to consider other lifestyle options. If the solution is to marry
a guy 10 years younger, has less money or without a title then they should
have our blessing. If the best solution is to postpone marriage and live
single until finding the proper partner or seek a divorce and start anew
then they shouldn't feel troubled by that.

It's all about compromises, people in the Arab world don't like to
compromise; but there is always compromise for everything gained.

There is nothing dark about this report (if we assume that the data
supplied by Al Akhbar and Al Jazira are to be trusted). This is a natural
course of affairs, and there is no need to change it or stop it. The best
approach is to make the best of it; to realize the alternatives being
offered by the new situation and try to benifit from it. Nobdoy can resist
the course of history; people in the Arab World have a very sad experiences
regarding this .

And I don't believe we have to worry about the "extinction of Arab
peoples"; this is far from being realised in the future. The Arab World
still enjoys one of the highest population growth in the world. Egypt have
been trying in vein for years to put an end to this problem. hmm.. maybe
it's time to get optimistic!

Ahmed Hosni "XOsni"