someone love me

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Dear El Shella

Nowadays i have a great problem, i work as engineer in a great
i promise myself to focus only on my work and dont think of love and
marriage for some period ( till i will be capable of enhacing my
income and get some money througth my hard working to start thinking
for engaging my dream girl ,especially now i have no money ability
for marriage and i join the work recently ),in this period im need
love nececerly as i feel of emotional needings , the problem is
that a girl works in the same company love my a lot since 5 months
till now and she fabricate any work reasons to talke me via the
company extension telephone and some times she comes to my work
office by her fabricated work reasons and her eyes and face seems to
say to me (i have very love emotions towrd you) , And as a result
my priority goal for achieving my tagets in my work i ignore her
emotions and feelings but she insist on posting her love emotions
through this indirect cases ( e.g : her face , voice , fabricating
any situation to talking me ......etc ).
And thus im now confused between responding to her love ( Especially
sometimes i wait her fabricated situations for talking to me ) ,
and trying for Forgetting and contiuing to ignore her love
feelings .
IS someone wise directing me for the correct behaviour toward this
sensitive problem ??????!!!!!.


She is probably attracted to you in a way or another, Im guessing your
dedication to your work might be one of the reasons.
Its not hard balancing a love life and a work one, its fairly simple, all
you have to do is maintain focus on your work during daytime, and other
stuff when you are not. You definitely are not working 24 hours a day.

My suggestion to you, ask her out for dinner or something, and see how it
goes, tell her about your goals and so, what you just mentioned in your
email. She is likely to understand that you have alot in life to achieve,
and if she likes you, she will help you balance things.

Good luck.

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